Sunday, April 17, 2011


hey guys sorry that i disappeared for a few days there i really didtn mean to life can just b really hetic and ima have alo t of blogs to catch up on idk if i will b able to get caught up on all of them but i will try its like what 3 days wroth damn thats alot

but ive been sick my stomach just hasnt been my friend at all lately not one bit ive been nasouses for 3 days straight then u add in the pain and the cramping the bloating and the gas and the acid coming up and just all of it its not good at all the boy says i look sick cuase im so nasoues but i really cant do nething about it i just cant there nuttin really the docs can do for it theres no cure fo r it so i jsut deal i was so close to throwing up at work today everytime i bent over it was torture 3 days of nasoueness its not a fun ordeal and its bad too like so bad u think ur gonna puke but u cant thats how bad it is

well friday i worked 11-7pm then i came home and showered and got dressed real wucik then wne tand picked up the boy and we met our friends at the bowling alley our friends brothers girlfriend works there so we got to bowl for free all we had to pay for was the shoes adn our drinks so that was good expcet i suck at bowling and my lil amrs are weak im not as storng as i use to b i was using the lightest ball and it still hurt my writst i started out good and then it just hurt to bad and i sucke di came in last everytime after that we went to applebees for dinner and then back to my house were we feel asleep ive been exhausted latley

saturday i worked 10-3 pm and it was reallly busy cause they had a 4 hour swim suit sale in teh morinng so it was crazy after tah ti just went over to my aunts house to c my aunts i havnet seen them in awhile so it was nice to c them. my cousin as ulcerative colitis and he kept saying that my stomach pain isnt the same as hes so it cant b that or ibs he kept saying i was pregnant im not pregnant but whateve3r saturday was a very nausouses day i ate a li too much and since the boy usually goes out i ate dinner but he didnt go out and he wanted food so i wnet with him and jsut got water and a milk shake the milkshake was a very bad decision so bad i was even more sick after that and he kept saying thati gotta get this stomach issues figured out cuase he doesnt want me sick all the time espcieally if we want to go on vacation over the summer but fuck thers nuttin i can do about it

today i worked 11-630 adn then went to target after were i got more pepto a 3 oack of extra dessert mint choc chip gum, 4 bags of jelly beans and cake icicng the vanilla kind ause thats made with soy not milk

i also wnet on amazon and order the first 3 morganville vampire books int eh series and also the complete twilight saga offical guide yay me

my eating has been al over the palce latey some days i eat barely nething adn others i eat way to much and thenothers its a lill less then nomral so idk whats going on nemore my head is just all over the place so ijsut take it day by day and c how it all turns out

im working alot this week i dont have off til thursday and its only one day off this week it would of been 2 but im covering for the one girl tomm she has a college rehearasl for her play and school is more important so im covering for her but its not till 5pm so i can go to the gym and get some stuff done during the day

ok pic time

outfit from friday( i look gross)

2 cardies ( i got them at work had a one day wonder other day)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling sick. I have missed your posts though! Wow, you HAVE been busy :)
    Cute cardies! I want them. Especially the red one :)
    Your legs look so thin! I'm jealous of your gap.

  2. I'm sorry you're having such horrible time with your belly pains. Hope it sorts its self out soon. Cute cardigans :) Take care x

  3. Your legs look incredible! jealous! fab cardies tho :) Jx

  4. You look so pretty in your picture... you must realize that we're all crazy jealous of your little legs!

    I hope you don't have anymore tummy troubles today. Have you thought about eating a bland diet for a week or so? You know, just eating only the plain-ish things that never hurt your tummy just to give it a break? I feel like everytime your boyfriend suggests going out to eat you end up in pain...

  5. That so terrible that you are sick!
    I'm sure you'll get better soon. I agree with everyone your legs look FANTASTIC!

  6. wow ur job seems really strenuous! take it easy girl and hope u feel better soon :)