Wednesday, April 13, 2011


so im gettinr eady to pain my nails im thinking black this time its time for something dark but i wanted to do a quick post real quick b4 i do it i odnt have much to say but i watned to respond to the comments on my last few blog spost sinci havent done them yet

but i worked 10-6pm today and my mom had my lil cousins i only got to c them for like 10 minutes b4 work makes me sad but those 10 minutes were the happiest minutes they make me smile

so im off to philly tomm flyers game yay

food log for today ugh i ate to much
*5 mini gluten dairy free choc chip pancakes
*handful skittles
*handful m&ms
*protein shake(3 tbps soy ptoein powder, cup almond milk 1 and half bananas)
*tricsuits- how may couldnt yell ya
* 5 handufl jelly beans

ok blog responding comments

* A- u have the voices too im sorry i know how much they suck recovery its been almost 2 months and i guess its not really full recovery cuase imnot getting help and i still purge and restrict but im trying

* kitkat-thanx hun im not good at relaxing but i try

* eggy123- r u getting help for ur recovery or r u just going at it alone like me?

* onmyway-ur lucky u only have one and thanx for always being there for me hun

* sarah- yeah im still here hun will alwasy b here and alwasy there for u too no idont hink its that woudlnt i know if it was that and yeah the voices are mean

* anoyonmous- im trying to not give up but its so hard to fight it everyday yes that qupte is right

* monika- its hard to not drown in the ed its alwasy there its been ther emy hole life its hard to fight thatno heard the canadian side is just spectaular so i hope we do go some year

* thin is everything- its all in my head hun its all there teh voces and the self laothing its alway there how do u fight soemthing thats alwasy there. i dont feel good in my clohtes though even fi i look thin

* anna-yeah i know thats theres never a solid answer and thers not need to wonder bout the what ifs but i alwasy do

* danae- yeah he really is the best guy ever alwasy there for me

* unbeautiful- thanx hun i know the qquote is right

* CE- thanx hun and i will i just dont wanna bug u allt he time hope ur well

* pixiestix- i know i wish some1 woudl jsut sacve me and make it all go away

* bella-thanx hun and im 5'5

* dying to be pretty- i alwasy get up ealry i have problesm sleeping so i dont sleep but or sleep in u get use to it after awhile

* skinny_el- iv ealwasy gotten up early so its nuttin new to me i have to watch it yet im so far behind in everything

* mich- i just love kids and im use to the vomit and gettign hrwon up on its nuttin new to me and yeah im alwasy up early ppl think im werid too i hate credit cards i feel like im never gonna b able to apy bthem off


  1. Sending one of those pretty green versatile blogger award your way, even though you have so many people giving you those things it's probably hard to keep track.
    You're a beautiful, wonderful person. I just wanted to say thank you, because you always manage to cheer me up.

  2. lool i love how u responded to blog comments in a blogpost cos most people(including me) rarely remember to go back to the old post for replies to their comments..xx :)

  3. hey so sorry for my lapse ...i totally forgot to change the "permissions" to allow anyone but myself whilst i was in the process of editing the thinspo blog, but now it has officially opened!
    Hallowed ☠ Bones

  4. You didn't eat too much dear, don't worry about it.

    Sometimes you seem to have the same problem I do - since we're trying so hard to restrict and don't sit down to actually prepare/eat proper meals, instead of grabbing a handful of veggies or a piece of fruit, we end up grabbing nutritionally void candy and stupid stuff like that.

    I hope you have some carrot sticks nearby so maybe you can grab those instead of jelly beans :) Just trying to protect your tummy and your heart, and your mind Miss Dani! The sun came out for you today!

  5. Oh you and your Flyers...

    [I will never say this out loud and/or in public, but since the Devils are obviously not going to win the Stanley Cup this year, the Flyers are my second choice.]

    And you hardly ate anything, miss!!


  6. You definitely didn't eat too much!
    My nails are a purple colour right now. I love painting them!