Monday, September 14, 2009


ok so ive been sick like head cloudy room spinning sick im doing a lil better today room isnt spinning as much so thats good

next weigh in is on wednesday and thats also a measuremnt day too im scared and excited i want to b smaller so bad

heres how 2day went

breakfast- half a cup of orange juice- 25 cals ( yes i have found orange juice that is 50 cals :) its called trop50 id neone wanted to know)
lunch- skipped
dinner- cup of chicken broth- 10 cals
after work snack- banana- 100 cals

total cals consumed- 135 cals

i coiudn't go to the gym today cause of my sickness and my mom wouldnt let me go to the gym so ugh

taught swim lessons for an hour- 183 cals burned
i forgot my pedometer today but i walked the same amount as always-200 cals burned

total cals burned- 383

i have off of work tomm so im try and go for a long long walk and go play on the swings :)

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