Monday, September 28, 2009


so my damn mia tendencies have been out of control lately and it fucking sucks my throat is so raw and it hurts all the time, my nose is always stuffy, my knuckle is so cut up and it hurts constatnly ugh. but my ed's app like to paly musical chairs mia won out last nite i was good all day yesterday didnt eat til dinner had my dinner and ana was happy then mia wanted to play which ended in my eating strawberry sugar waffers and 2 bowls of cereal then chugging 2 bottles of water and running to the bathroom to purge dont worry i got it all out thankfully but im hoping thats the last of mia for a while i just want ana for awhile now an dtoday was good :)

1/2 cup pinapple(burned the fuck out of my throat while i was eating it)- 40 cals

3/4 cup dry special k blueberry cereal- 100 cals
2 cups popcone- 70 cals

2 small apples cut up with cinnamon- 50 cals
1 piece of cheese- 70 cals

2 bottles of water-0 cals
1 cup black coffee- 0 cals

total cals consumed- 330 cals

65 minutes on elly- 463 cals burned( didnt go as fast today i went slower for i could read wasted while iwas working out)
over 12,000 steps taken- 342 cals burned
taught swim lessons for an hour- 180 cals burned

total cals burned- 985 cals

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