Thursday, September 17, 2009

ive been up for 37 hours straight

yup u read that right i havent slept in 37 hours and idk if i'll b able to sleep tonite i get rly bad insomnia and it decided to come back again ugh i barely sleep as it is and now im not sleeping at all. well today i worked a 10 hour shift, tomm im working a 10 hour shift, saturday im doing an 8 hour shift so i wont b able to exercise much cause well i'll always b at work but at least i can walk around and clean burn some cals that way


breakfast- skipped
dinner- 2 jallapino (sp) poppers- 100 cals
homemade chicken noodle soup-115 cals

4 bottles of water- o cals
1 low carb low cal energy drink- 20 cals

total cals confumed- 235 cals

its not much since i was at work all day
9,844 steps taken- 245 cals burned

total cals burned- 245 cals

stil have to do my crucnhes and pushups yet tonite so that will b more cals burned

tomm the boy is taking me out to dinner after i get out of work so im not eating all day just drinking water and having one energy drink to keep me going

love u all stay strong

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