Monday, September 7, 2009

New Rules


Calorie Intake and Food

  • 300-500 cals a day nothing more 300 or lower preferred
  • don't eat nething that has more then half the cals in fat
  • if going out to dinner the starts then no food before no expections

avoid carbs as much as possible

  • only allow 2 slices of bread a week-whole wheat only- no white bread- no bread is even better
  • only have noodles onces a week have to be organic whole wheat and no sauce ( im italian so cutting out noodles is hard) no pasta is better
  • only have potatoes once a week none if possilbe

avoid junk

  • no chips, cookies, brownies donuts or ice cream etc
  • once every 2 weeks allow a small sweet snack ( i have a sweet tooth)

avoid meat

  • no red meat ever
  • only eat chicken when have to it had to be lean though and grilled or baked. Can't have any sause or be fried


  • fruits, veggies, salad, tomato soup, crackers(special k or wheat thins only)
  • have at least 3 bottles of water a day ( i cant keep amost passing out from severe dehyradtion not good)
  • avoid drinks that have cals in them


  • do at least 2,000 crunches and 50 pushups every night less is unacceptable but more is perfect
  • on non gym days go for a 2hour or longer walk as long as weather premits (jersey weather is unpredciatble so)
  • on gym days work out at least an hour no matter how weak i am if possible do a longer workout

    Well there are the rules that i have to follow no matter what. I am being watched closely and i am forced it eat but i am working around that. They boyfriend takes me out to dinner once a week and pretty much chooses what i eat but i wil only ever eat a 1/4 of the meal he chooses.

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