Thursday, September 10, 2009

i purged 2day

yup u read right i purged today. i try not to purge cause everytim i do i throw up blood and theres always blood on my fingers when im done but i purged today neway and i didnt even binge. well u say had breakfast like normal then went to the gym pushed thru my hour workout i was so weak by the end. as soon as i walk in the door i smell the cookies my mom just made and b4 i knew it i ate to of them then i freaked out like wtf im not suppose to b eating them. so i run up stairs to take a shower and i purge in there. i got all of the cookies up and about half my breakfast too which is shocking cause i ate that hours b4 hand but neway im still counting the cals i purged cause i fiugred i chewed i shallowed the cals count.

low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal-120 cals
granola car-90 cals

2 choc chip cookies(ew)- 100 cals

yup right there is were i purged but im counting though cals though just to b on the safe side

veggies( broccolli, carrots, and calliflower)- 80 cals

3 bottles on water-0 cals
fat free french vanilla cappy(i just love these)-100 cals

total cals consumed- 490 cals

65 minutes of ellicptlca- 445 cals burned
cleaned room for hour and half- 245 cals burned
9,288 steps taken- 230 cals burned

total cals burned- 920 cals burned

wel tomm is friday the boy usually takes me out to eat so im not eating all day no food well past my lips until he makes me tomm so just water all day

well im off to take a glucose tablet im all shaky my blood sugar is low and then its crunches and pushup time woohhoooo :)

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