Friday, September 11, 2009

weather sucks 2day

so its rainy and fucing crappy out 2day i cant get to the gym and i cant go for a walk like wtf
i havent eaten nething yet today cause we might go out to eat later so im fasting just in case. im getting weak though i love this feeling its the best feeling in the world. ive had 2 bottles of water so far 2day and ima bout to go make my 25 cal hot choc cause im freezing and i cant get warm 2day ifmy life depended on it. i decided to jump in a tanning bed after work 2day try and get a lil color for i dont look so a pale i acutally felt semi warm for 12 minutes

well im off to have my hot choc then figure out wtf ima wear 2nite ei hate decideing on outfits

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