Saturday, September 12, 2009

weigh in and randomness

ok yup thats right its weigh in day today i ws so scared this morning to step on the scale but here is the number

body fat- 16%

yup u ready right im down 2 lbs from wednesday i was hoping to b even lower but im down so thats good i rly need to get my body fat down also 16% is way way way to high. my scale calculates that for me.

so heres how yesterday went i didnt eat nething all day casue we usually go out to eat firday nites. so i was strong all day and didnt eat. we ended up going to a high school football game and it rained the hole time so i was freezing and wet for 4 hours straight but good thing out of that is that is i get sick no1 can make me eat then yay for that. after the game he decided that he wanted to eat so we go to burger king i just get a side salad (50cals) and he said i cant just have that so he order me a medium oreo shake i look up the cals this morning 960 cals like holy fuck thats alot i gotta work my ass off b4 next weigh in which is wednesday i wanna b at least 98 by then but my period comes on wednesday to so aahhhhh

heres the plan for today

now- gonna have a banana we have smaller ones so its around 7 cals
at work- ima eat an apple 50 cals
then for dinner either veggies or a salad and a few pretzels havent decided yet

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