Friday, September 18, 2009


ok guys im do a quick update now cause i gotta wokr 10 hours again today and then right after ima b with the boy for the nite so i wont b able to update later

so the boy is on my case again like ugh wtf i rly get my control back and im excited and im losing and then hes like nope not gonna happen wtf ugh

but he came over last nite an di told him that i havent slept since wednedays hes like have u been eating ann im like yes i have been eating (cause rly i have been just not much) i tol him i had chicken noodle soup for dinner but no lunch i wasnt hungry. hes like u have to eat 3 times a day u know that hes like that was part of the deal no hopsital or treatment ifu eat 3 times a day ugh. then hes like ur gonna eat tomm right im like yes ima eat dinner with u hes u have to eat breakfast and lunch i counter by saying but if i eat those 2 meals i won b hungry for dinner hes like have a lil something for breakfast and lunch im like fine ugh

so then hes like u need to sleep come here and i can usually only sleep when hes here neway so i have gotten aout 2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours im aight though

ook im dne ranting i think ugh

so today this is what ima do
breakfast- few bites of pinaple
lunch- carrots and celery
dinner what eever he makes me eat

ima walk around and clean as much as i can at work today for i can burn cals

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