Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so today was going rly well i was rly weak in the morning from yesterday burning off so many cals but i stayed strong and had a small breakfast and then i was babysitting my cousin shes 3 yr old and the cutest thing in the world but i swear to god she never gets tired. we went to the park and play for an hour and half so i was basicllly running around for that long idk how many cals i burned from that i wish i did. we came home form lunch an di ate more then i should of so i ended up purging yup i got most of it out so thats good i guess. but good news today was weigh in and i am now 98.4 lbs yay im so excitited and happy about that

2 small apples with cinnamon- 50 cals

half a whole wheat roll-50 cals
box of green giant veggies( potaotes, snap peas, and peppers)- 100 cals
4 slices of cheese-280 cals

i know i suck at lunch but i purged i know i got all the cheese up and i got part of the veggies yet i would of kept going til i got all of it up but i had to go to work so i had to stop


2 cups black coffee- 0 cals
2 bottles of water- 0 cals

total cals consumed- 480 cals

over 13,000 steps taken- 364 cals burned
taught swim lessons hour and half- 264 cals burned

total cals burned- 628 cals burned

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