Friday, December 10, 2010



weight at 730 this morning 106.8
weight at 530pm after my second shower 105.8

so app i lose a lb today so yay for that it was prob just water weight but stilla loss is a loss an di need all the weight loss i can get right now
my lower stomach needs the most walk i got a nice bump an dit needs to go away and my thighs need to get a lil smaller but i doubt that will happen sinceim an exercise addict so yeah but 95 lbs here i come

heres a pic of my new coat i bought today

it was time for a new coat and i fell in love with it at work so after my shift today i bought it and some xmas presents but we will talk about that later

today was suppose to b my day off but i endedupt working a few hours the nice manger guy asked and since it was him i said yes an di also said 3 hours later yesterday as well so after tomm i will have work 39 andhalf hours this week yup thats alot
tomm i work 12-9pm today i worked 10-1 pm iw as suppsoe to stay til 3 but id b over 40 hours then and cant work over 40 hours there so i had to leave at 1. yesterday iw as suppsoe to work 12-6 ended up doing 12-9 instead i was tired after that.

and i didnt bring food wit mie cause i was jsut gonna eat when i got home a lil after 6 so i had to buy something i ended pup gettng a chicken wrap from pizza place there my mall does have a food court just 2 pizza places, chinese and a pretzel place os yeah not many options. but the wrap was huge and it caome with sid eof chips and a pickles. so i ate one half of the wrap few bites of the pickle and the chips and took the rest home which i ended up eatign later that nite neway

as of right now i have off on tuesdays and i cant wait i wanna go to the gym and get a work out in i need a good workout at this point i havent been there all week cause of work

today hafter work i did some shopping yup i hopped at work i had to get my sis's bday and xmas presents and ineeded a cote. so i got a coat(pictre above) and a sweater(also pictured above) got myself a pair of pj pants and a scarf. for my sis i got her a 2 scarves a zip up hoodie and a sweater its a combined bday xmas present her bday is 18th then xmas is 25th. also picke dup a few things for my mom as well.

then i walked donw to gerturde hawk and got the boys mom present every year i get her a lb box of choc and she loves it so i did that.

man is it cold today it was even fulrring a lil bit ugh i hate cold weather caus im already cold as it is and then u add in the cold weather an dits just a disaster ugh.

so today i worked 10-1 constntly moving an dwalking and folding and putting things away, then i cleaned up my room, orgainzed my closest, and vaccumed the lil carpet in my room.

food for today apple, few handful chips, banana
drinks, mug of green tea, bottle sobe lifewater 0 mango melon, bottle of water

ima watch a year withotu a santa clause and finish getting read
lov eua ll


belle-yeah its risky but i trust her an di can only hope that she doesnt tell neway and its a huge weight of ur sholders to have at least one person u dont have to hide form

acka11-yes we can stop binging i need to ugh im sure we can stop though adn lsoe weight

alice-its cool hun uve been going thru ur own things. lik eyeah i can talk to her but im still not gonna b compltely honest id might scare her off if she knew everything u know
and yes we can get to 95 lbs def

desesperee de maigrir- i cant get rid of my bangs my forhead breaks out alot and bad so i like to hide it so the bangs are neccesary

petite girl- im glad that u have some1 that u can talk to as well its nice to have some1 that understand u or at least understand part of it

believe-yeah thats all u can do wait and c what happens just take it one day at a time and it works


  1. I'm like terrified of going shopping, so I'm not going to until i get back down into acceptable town...

    Congrats with the major loss, hun!
    A pound in less than a day is GREAT!!!

    XOXO =] Ayden

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm already loving blogspot! : ) LOVE your little jacket in that second pic - so cute. And, you look tiny & awesome! I cannot wiat to get under 110 too!

  3. so so great jacket,
    keep up the good work.
    Stay strong.

  4. Lovely jacket (:
    I wish i was the busy with work! can't wait to start a job so i can actually get some money to buy things haha!
    Keep up the good work hun xox