Wednesday, December 22, 2010


so gonna update now since idk if i will b able to update later tonite

first off how the fuck did i letm yself get so fat look at me im gross my stomach sticks out u cant c my hip bones were are my ribs and my abs and just ugh its time to get this weight off of me

the laxs worked really well yesterday i dont feel all gross nemore but im still far as all hell ugh
no1 liked my cookies well in my house at least i made them try them and they said they are disguisting i like them though and ima bring them to my aunts houro n xmas mayb some of my other family will like them who knows

i have to work today 12-8pm just shoot me now and im still not feeling good at all but iw ill deal with it and make it thorugh my day i hope that they dont put me on register all day again i dont like being on it all day id rather b on the floor folding and putting stuff away and then jsut a lil regsiter time not 8 hours straight u know what i mean

i just had a bowl of low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal(120 cals) and now im working on drinking a liter of water and a cup of green tea before work.
im going to bring a can of select harvest light savory chicken with veggies(180 cals) to work with me. and also some fruit as well.

im going to mayb have a lil fruit b4 i go to work as well just for i dont get dizzy again and nearly fall over.

idk what ima eat after work i think the boy is coming over so that depends on what i eat

love u all have a good day

*lilah lee- i hate fractions witha passion u have no idea

claude-yay i hope that u like them


  1. Sorry no one liked your cookies, but seriously they could have at least pretended!! I would have eaten 5 and smiled through every bite, telling you they were amazing. :D

    You look pretty smokin' to me, madam! And I know I've said this before, but I really love those star tattoos on your tummy.


  2. I think you look amazing sweetie!
    Sorry about the cookies, I´m sure someone will like them

  3. I think you look utterly stunning...
    and yeah they could of at least pretended about the cookies.. :(

  4. You look amazing! You have abs and clearly we are all wildly jealous! Never fear about your cookies, I'm sure they were delicious, and if no one wants them, you could always save them in the freezer to eat as treats throughout the year... have a great day!

  5. If it helps, your not fat at all hun!