Thursday, December 2, 2010


so id ont really know what im doing nemore my head is just all over the place idk if i wanna b healthy or if i wanna b sick or ssemi sick or really sick ij ust dont know whats going on my head wont shut up
so righ tnow im just going with the flow i guess. if i dont feel like eatin for a day or a few days i wont if i wanna restrict then i will if i wanna eat nomral for some reason then i will i guess thats just the only way i can do things right now til i can get my head sorted out which i prob will never get it completely sorted out cause im just a crazy crazy mess but u guys love me neway so i guess thats ok

i took laxs twice this week yup twice i havent doen the twice a week thing in over a year well i guess tahts going down hill i wanna do it again today but im not going to cause i can feel myself getting dehryadted between the laxing and the diuretics ad i dont wanna dehryadte myself even more so im not gonna laxs tonite ima ddrink lots of water and take more diurtetics and hopfully i dont feel like a fat ass tomm ugh.

ima go tot he gym tomm morning prob gonna do 65 mins on elly lik ei always do i need to get a wokrout in. i did crucnhes last nite and ran in place alil so i got alil workout in yesterday and babysat today so that burns cals as well.

i currently got hair dye in my hair im dying it all black right now and then tomm after the gym ima put red streaks in it i will post a lil of it tomm if it comes out good for u guys can c it.

like i said i babysat today from 10am-430pm it was fun and tiring and just yeah. i spent most of the day taking care of my lil cuddle bug we layed on the couch alot and just cuddles i did also play with the other ones as well. but mostly took care of the 3 month old. its hard to rememver everything we did but im tired so that means osmething.

ugh food wise it could of been better but it also coudl of been worse breafkast i had cup of southwestern corn soup(140) and cup of tea. while i wa babysitiing i just pretty much munched on stuff so i had few bites of bread, some nerds, couple chips and cookies. after they left had like 4 lil spoons of ice cream and 2 more cookies. later im thinking of making myself a nice big chicken walnut salad.

hopeuflly i wont binge later like i did yesterday yesterday was just one big binge fest.

k i really gotta go and rinse out th edye i was suppose to rinse it out like 10 minutes ago lol


docle-hey hun thanx i knwo u will always b here for me an di will b for u o yeah hey speaking of that i keep going to ur blog to read ur post and it wont let me i click on the button like im suppsoe to and it tells me i cant right click but im not right clicking im left clicking so idk if its the layout or just my screw up computer i feel bad cause i really wanna read ur posts

beautifulbones-thanx hun

mich-aw thanx hun an di love u all as well
um th esweater i got it a few years ago at kohls


  1. RTC:
    The oxyelite pro is pretty pricey i recommend if you want to buy them buy them online youll find them for half the price cuz at health places they are like 90 bucks a bottle. But i will say i am not hungry at all on them but there is a lot of caffeine so you cant drink any caffeinated drinks on them and i will say it causes some insomnia for me for sure. But I can go days with out eating on them so thats alot better than diuretics:) stay strong lady your body is looking fine

  2. Kohls has the best sweaters. :D

    I hate the weeks where I cave and lax more than once. I get so crampy and bloated. Hope you're feeling ok.

    I'm jealous of your cuddle bug. It'd be nice if my oldest sis lived in the US, then I would totally take care of her kids all the time, they're such angels. Other sis lives nearby, but her daughter is a mega-brat.