Monday, December 13, 2010


sorry i didnt update all wkd i worked and i was just so exhausted that i coudlnt even think enough to form words so i will give u a quick overview of the wkd and then hopefully after work today i can catch up on all urlovely blogs.

well lets c on friday i worked 10-1 and then i did some xmas shopping i think i told u guys this already but friday nite we went out ot eat as per usualy. we went to red robin iw as gonna get my normal apple harvest salad but the boy pointed out this new rice terrikyiy bowl u can either get it with chicken or vegetables. so i decided to get it with vegetables i looked up the cals online and it was 592 cals for the hole thing and it w as huge i ate like 1/4 of it. and took the rest home.

when we got home i talked to hima bout how i tried to b normal i relaly tried to get better for him but i hate the way i look. my stomach is huge as im poking at it. i told him i gained weight an di told him my weight heslike thats ag ood weight. im like i just dont like it i dont hes like but wasnt ur heart feel ing better cause u were eating more nutrients iml ike yeah but ugh.

so he said that i could cut my cals down eat healthy like i can have my fruits and veggies. i can cut the cals as long as i promise to keep eating cause he doesnt want me to strain my heart nemore then i already have( heknows how bad my heart is). and i can workout more well if i can get tot he gymw ith work. and i can lose the weight i gained so yay me ij ust have to watch my heart that was the compromise and shit.

saturday i worked 12-930pm it was so tiring i went home showered real quick and picked up the boy by 10:05pm and we went out to eat again he diecded that he didnt want to go out with hes friends that he wanted to hang out with me so we went to applebees and ijust got a wrap

yesterday i wroked 11-630pm and then went to th grocery store after i got 6 apples, 5 taqngerines, lb bing cherreis, and 2 lbs of grapes. also got 2 boxes of cereal and some unsweetened 35 cal almond milk.

ok i gotta run my cousins are here im watching them for a lil b4 i go to work form 12-7pm

im getting sick or im exhausted or my pheumonia is coming back idk but my chest and ribs front and back hurt so bad its somuch pressure and i just wanna pike them and cut it open to let the pressure out

love u all stay strong i'll psot more later


  1. red robin is so good but so fattening so good job on getting something low cal and eating a small portion, i wish i had a bf who would want me fatter haha but do what make you happy stay strong