Friday, December 3, 2010



so there u have it the outfit for date nite dinner and moive with hes friend and girfiend.
dont mind the fatness ugh i feel like ih ave gained som uch weight lately an didk how yeah ive beene aitingmore but i dont htink it was enough to gain that much weight ugh im fat and gorss and just ew ugh i hate looking at mysel fidk how u guys can look at me but i know u like seein gmy outfits so i just had to post.

had a mini binge today i went to the gym after burend 477 cals and also did about 45 mins of curnches so hopefully that helped but i did eat a lil stuff after ugh im fat i gotta stop eating.

got my hair all dyed and done it didnt turn out exaclty how i was picituring but hey it still worked and yes i did it myself at first glance it just looks like all black but when u get it in ther ight light u can c the red. so in the pic i tried to stand under the light for u guys can c. here it is

so i think that i need stitches again i always need stitches but i never go and get them no wonder my scars are really bad yup i cut today ijust look at myself in the mirror and its just ew so i cut to try and make the voices stop its just one cut byt my razors suck so i have to go over it a few times til i get it deep enough. knowing me i will reopen again tomm and make it deeper yeah im crazy like that i like pain it makes me feel better and numb at the same time yeah werid but o well that is who i am.

i went to toys r us with my mom today to look at stuff for xmaas for my cousins but we coudlnt find nething so ima go to target tomm.
Eclipse comes out on dvd yay cant wait so ima go and get tthat fo rmsyelf of course and then start my xmas shopping i can get a few ppl done there so yay and then ima go tot he gym and workout.
ima try and do mostly fruit tomm try is the word i seem to b failing alot lately but yeah i need to get the fat off

i got my work schedule yesterday for next week finally they are trying to kill me
mon-5-930pm tue-12-5pm wed-10-7pm thur-12-6pm fri-off sat-12-9pm
i hope that my heart is ok enough to handle tha ti dont wanna almost pass out again

ok i gotta go finshed gettign ready real wuick b4 we go out
hope everyone is having a good dday love u all stay strong


  1. Honey please ddon't cut! But you look very good and I like the hair alot!:)
    Stay Strong and thanks for the comments on my blog!

  2. You hair and outfit look lovely!

    Keep those butterfly bandaids handy for the deep cuts. They're good for gals like us who shun all medical professionals.


  3. Enjoying the snow? It didn't accumulate much here, but we had a nice dusting this morning. I hope you have a better start to your week this week and that your schedule gets figured out.

    Super cute outfit, by the way!