Wednesday, December 29, 2010


sorry i didnt update yesterday i had to work and then came home ahd a qucik but lil dinner then boy came over but will update now since idk if i will b able to update later again

yesterday ihad to work 11-7 loveley i know ih ate the one manager they left me alone up at the register which is fine so i was just stadnign there well half leaning ont he ocunter and he walks up and is like u know u can clean or something im like well what do u want me to do.

its not like i can leave the register area im the only one up there i cant just walk away if soem1 else was there too then yeah thats different but yeah i was alone up there. how come everyone esle can stand around adn talk and do nothing but as soon as i do i get in trouble for it its so not fair the managers do nuttin all day unless we get so busy that all of us are frazzled then the step in but momslty they are sitting around onf standing around doing nutting ugh

but while i was walking around trying to look busy i decided to shop i put stuff on hold and paid for it hafter work this is what i got

2 open front sweater one in coral one in black both extra smalls

3 sub half button long sleeve henleys and 3 thank tops all extra smalls again

im still having alot of issues with my stomach im either nasouses my chest pains are worst or im in intense pain in my lower stomach somestims all at once so yeah its not very fun i gotta get this under contorl its hard to work and get thru my day

food log for 12/28/10
*20 bing cherries
*pack of wheat and cheese crackers
*2 cups chicken broth
*small handful tostios
*2 slices light fiber bread, half can tuna white albacore, 2 slices tomato

pic of my tuna and tostios

i woke up with chest pains had to take boy home and then i decided to eat osemthing os i had some xmas cookies the italin ones that ma only makes once a year and soem sugar ones as well with half a cup of almond milk

yeah it helpe dmy chest but now im extremely nasouses lovely
well ima go relax and do crunches and stuff b4 work love ua ll

*sarah-thanx hun

*desepree-yeah we didnt get all the 12 inches that we were expected to get but ugh every road in town is clear except mine of course so i slide alil wheni drive but hey thats snow for ya

*pixie-im fine hun i'll b fine its just not very fun or pleasant at all

*helen-thanx hunny

*mich-yeah my cousin is on meds for his ijsut want soething to help it u know the pain gets really bad at times
im glad that ur moms is doing better though yay for that


  1. Sounds like the manager we had at Panera in high school--he always used to yell at us: "If there's time to lean, there's time to clean!" he ended up getting sacked for being "inappropriate" with the underage girls who worked there...

    I like those sweaters. And that tuna and tostitos combo looks pretty delicious...


  2. I agree, the tuna/tomato dish looks good! Do you find tuna to be really filling?

  3. Really cute cloth!
    The tomato dish looks yummy!

  4. pretty sweaters. : ) hope you're feeling better...

  5. Oh my gosh that's the exact same kind of paper plates I have right now. My pumpkin cookies are on them. ;o) I love the tuna-and-tomato open-faced sandwich. One of my faves.

    11-7 is only 8 hours, right? That's not a ton of work in one day or am I missing something?... at least you get to shop for cute XS clothes!! :D

  6. Work sounds hectic take a breather hun! Jeeze your boss needs to give you a break. By the way those sweaters look so adorable! Im Jealous! You have great taste! xoxoxo

  7. wow that tomato dish looks yummy,
    and the clothes look cute!
    hope u feel better soon
    stay strong

    Thanks for all your comments you've left me recently sorry i havent been commenting on your blog much, but im back :)
    hope u had a fab xmas.


  8. Your so ucky to be extra small!

    I just brought a tanktop like your gray one, only it had a little less sparkles on it. Lol, your clothes are adorable.