Tuesday, December 14, 2010


so had the day off of work today its weird im not use to having a day off again i worked all of last week and then sunday and monday of this week and now i have off today and i have off again on thursday,

igot stuff down today though i did 4 loads of laundryyup count them 4 my sheets, comformter, clothes, and then jeans so yes all my laundry is done

i still ahve t paint my nails yet though im planning on redoing them ijsut havent yet
but i took my si to the gym with me cause i could bring a guest so she came with me i did 65 mins on elly burned 451 cals and she did 40 mins on elly and then walked for 20 on tready idk hjow many cals she burned though

i prob shouldnt of wokred out causei m still sick and u can tell im sick my voice is all werid and my mom said i look like shit so yeah thanx mom but im taking 3 aleve every 12 hours to help witha ll the pain im in and then mucinex ever 12 hours for the cest congestion and then robutision ever 4 hours for everything else

im still really tired and weak my head is all cloudy and i lose my train of thought and i get dizzy and my legs almost give out all the time. im coughing albot and my ribs hurt form that thjers still alot of pressure in my chest and ribs but i think the combo of meds is helping that a lil i just get shaprt pains i my chest but ithink that is more ed related thens ick related

ims till working on getting all caught up on ur blogs i read some today but i got s omany so if i dont get to all of them m so sorry

food for today

9am-bowl of oatmeal
then til 5am-snacks on some sugar cookes and had a lil cake icicng
5pm- bag of frozen green beans and 100 cal pringle pack

*2 mugs of tea
*2 liters of water
* cup of 10 cal lemonade

idk if ima eat nemore today we will c my sotmach hurts so bad an di dont have much of an appetite from being sick so hopefully i will still lose weight

work went good yesterday i spent most of my time on the register they are training me for that and i did much better then the first day i thinki was jsut nervouse but i did reallly good yesterday proudo f myself yay :)im getting along with allm y coworkers one is crazy and lies alot and ppl dont like her and yeah so i avoid her as much as i can but i worked 7 hours yesterday

after work i went to target i needed to get my cold medicine soi got my muscinex, robutusin, and cough drops. also got hat glove scarf set for my one cousins xmas present. got 3 nail polishs and new clippers and emery board i can never find mine. and also more makeup so mascare eyeliner and 2 eyeshadow palletes one is a bronzy thing and other is like shadowy one. and also 2 laurne conrad books i read her first one never read the other too but surpsingly shes a good writer.

well im off to relax
sorry for the quick post im really out of it
love ua ll


  1. Hi, I love this blog ,your posts always make me feel right at home :). Hope you get better.

  2. I hate oatmeal :( it a love hate relationship

  3. You really shouldn´t work out feeling like this...I hope you feel better soon sweetie

  4. Sorry you're feeling sick, hun. I'm just getting over mine, and pretty much living on sudafed. Hope it gets better soon. <3

    Make sure you get lots of rest on your days off!


  5. Grr hate feeling sick especially when you have to work a long shift or work out.
    feel better
    xx Claude