Thursday, December 16, 2010


wow i try to update everyday and usally i can but it looks like recently im doing every other day orevery couple days sorry fo rthat guys life jsut sucks an dim sick and exhausted and somtiems i just cant think of what to say.

im still sick work yesterday was hard my voice was so horse and ihad to talkt he hole time cause they put me on register for my 7 hour shift well minus the 2 hours i spent in the fitting room but still had to talk there. so yeah as soon as i spoke they knew i was sick they are like u dont sound good and thenim bent over coughing up a lung and they are like no dieing on us lol

yes im one of those ppl who work no matter what i could b barely able to stand and i would still b at work cause i dont do well with sitting around dong nuttin i know i shouldnt go to work when ims ick bu tim just so use to doing it i dont even think twice about it.

so i worked 7 hours yesterday and i had off today.
i babysat today my 3 lil cousins and we areall like sick so we are all miserable i got thrown up on alot by the lillest one the middle one was just miserable the oldest wasnt relaly sick just stuffy nose but still. at one point i was laying on the couch with my cuddle bug(3 month old) sleeping on my chest and munchin(4 yr old) curle dup next to b with wibble wobble(1 yr old trying to climb up as well. had them from 10-330pm my mom and sis where there as well. we decorted the tree well tried my sis and munchin did most of it me and wibble tried to help but we didnt really help much. bu ti love them and i would do nething for them

im exhausted my neighbors are scum bags and iw anna funcking kill them my parents called the cops on them last nite they had the much blasting and they were hammering and drilling and stomping up and down the stpes at like 1am and i just coudlnt take it nemore if u wann aowrk on ur hosue fine but do it during the day not in the middle of the nite an dmy room is right my the stairs so iheard everything its a row home just in case u were wondering its us then the scum bags and then another hosue we own our house the other 2 are rented out. my mom even called the landlord on them cuase its just ridc ugh im exhausted an di acutally wanted to sleep last nite cause i felt so hoprrible now watch tonite then will b quite and my inosomnia will b a bticha nd iwont b able to sleep

food log yesterday(12/15/10) kinda messed upa lil
*2 sugar cookes-?
*can chicken noodle soup-180
*20 grapes-40
*8 peanut m&m's-?
*small baked potato-100
*small chicken-100
*cup veggies-30

yeah did bad that day

food log today nto to good either
*grapes and cherries-80
*lays chips-150
*2 slices light bread-90
*white albacaore tuna-60
*3 slices tomatos-?

*mug of tea
*2 liters of water

idk what i drank yesterday ir eally dont remember

i keep jumping between 105.4 lbs and 106 ugh i hate that i never should of tried to get better and gained weight those weightsw right there are nomral for me if i eat nomral well nomral as i know it my weight is between 105-110(yes im one of those annoying natural skinny ppl) so once i gain to those weights i palteua and its hard for me to lsoe again so it takes some time but once i break that platuea i wont plateau again till 100 and then hopeuflly ican get to 95 lbs thats all i want right now but i gotta stop eating so much i havent been doing good at all and i ahvent been adding up my cals either ive juts been eating which irelaly have to stop doign ugh.

and i gotta get to the gym more but its so hard witht he fact that i work between 30-40 hours a weak and im just so tired after that.
hopefully i wont eat nemore tonite god i hope not i just have to stay strong and let ana take over again get back into my strict self that i know i can b cause ive been there b4 and have stayed there for awhile

scarlet- aw thatnx hun im glad u like it even thoughi dont think im that intereasting

hanrietta-oatmeal isnt for eveyrone

broken-yeah i knwo i shoudlnt of but i watned to thanx hun

mich-mayb i shoudl try some sudafed mayb it will work better then what im taking

claude-yeah tis hard working when u feel so bad but u do what u have to do


  1. Hang in there. Hope you start to look better and that things look up soon.

  2. My illness is finally starting to go away, though I still have to run out of the room every so often to go have a coughing fit in privacy (I know--I'm weird; I can't blow my nose or cough in front of people...). Hope you get better fast!

    We're so much alike with the medical/doctor/being sick stuff, it's crazy! I go to work no matter what, as well. I just can't bring myself to take sick days.

    Your neighbors sound like douches. You should booby trap their yards or something, in the middle of the night. I did my neighbor a couple years ago, when he crashed into my car--me and friend put like 100 of those cheap plastic pink flamingoes in his front yard. :D

    Feel better, luv. Get some rest, and drink lots of fluids!


  3. You rest up good tomorrow. you probs needed to eat a little bit more the other day to help your body fight the sickies. when you get better i bet you will have more energy and be able to go to the gym a bit more. take care. xo

  4. It's hard work trying to balance work with everything else but just stay strong and you'll find a way <3
    Hope today went better than yesterday hun, don't worry about not counting your cals and that, you'll get back on track when you find a balance (:
    Good luck and stay strong! xox