Tuesday, December 21, 2010

new vegan cookie recipe and lil update

so i found this cookie recipe online and i tweeked it a lil and this is what icame up with
i wanted to have cookeis for the holidays that i could eat sicne my family is big on holiday cookies so i was ona mission to make cookeis that i could have and that were low cal so here it is.
i will put the cals for every ingreident next to it for u know and u guys can tweek it to if u want u dont have to use the same nuts or fruits i used.

*3/4 cup dry oatmeal(used quaker oats)-225 cals
*1/4 cup dried cranberries(can use different dried fruit if u want)-98 cals
*1 cup mashed banana(turned out to b 2 bananas mashed up)- 200 cals
*1 tbsp soy milk(used unsweetened soy almond milk 35 cals a cup)- 2 cals
*1 tbsp Sugar free preserve(used polaner sugar free seedless raspberry)- 10 cals
*1/4 tsp salt- 0 cals
* 1/4 cup chopped nuts(used shelled walnuts)- 200 cals

*pre heat oven to 375 degrees
*mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
*spoon onto cookie sheet
*bake 10-12 minutes

*total cals for batch- 735 cals
*one batch of mix makes 24 cookies- 30.625 cals per cookie


on sheet after cooking

in container after cooled


sorry that i havent been updating much lately ij ust am so busy with work and then by the time i get home ijust so exhausted i cant think enough to type but i will try and update at least every other day for u guys.

im still sick i cant seem to kick this cold out of my system it settles into my chest and lungs and im not liking it much at all i still cough up a lung andmy head is all cloudy and my chest and lungs ugh dont even get started on that. i keep getting dizzy at work wven though i eat b4 hand so its prob just my sickness kicking my ass.

i had off today so i did alot of running around i relaly wanted to go to the gym but i didnt feelg ood this morning and then with all the runnign around it just didnt happen my sis cam for some of the running around. our first stop was to the car dealership cause i had to ge tmy oil changed so we had to seat there for an hour and wati for it to get done. or next stop was the one mall by the dealership my sis wanted to stop there she had to exchange something she got for her bday and the the one store had jackets on sale and mom wanted us to pcik out what we wanted to xmas the jackets were only 10 bukcs each so i got pink and she got white. we walked around once and she got hungry so i bought her a pretzel and i just go tmyself a mango smoothie.

we ten went to target were i got:
*theraflu cold and cough serve
*3 different kinds caffeien free tea( green tea, tangerine orange, and peppermint)
*shampoo and conditioner

we then went to a grocery story cause i had to get osme things and the ingredients to make my cookies but i got
* 4 cans light soup( 2 cans roasted chicken w italian herbs, minestrone w hole grain pasta, and savory chicken with veggies)
*peppredige farm light bread extra fiber
*bubmle bee white albacore in water(had a sale two 4 packs for 9 bucks so got that)
*hellmans light mayonaise
*6 apples
*bag od bing cheeries
*dried cranberries
*raspberry preserves
*quaker oats
*sugar free jello cups

then we came home and i put everything away then mom wanted to take us to kohs for she could buy us some clothes for xmas. shed rather we pick them out for she knows we like them then have her get them and not know. so i picked out a pair of candies size 0 jeans, small long sleeve shirt, 3 sweater dresses(small and xsmall some of them diddnt come in xsmall), belt, pair of black leggins and 2 pack of high socks.

when i finally got home i was home for good so i started my luandry im doing 2 load today and i made my cookies i made amess making them andmy mom and bro and sis just laughed at me im not much of a baker or cook i like to do it im just not good at it so i made a mess and i had shit everywhere kept aksing them questions and i had to keep asking my 2 ana friends to figure out the cals for me cause im horrible with fractions i can do ne other math except fucking fractions and geometry give me physics and im all good but fractions confuse the fuck out of me

so right now im just sitting here i took laxs earlier cause my sotmach is just so huge and bloated and i hate it im just waitng for them to work and i gotta clean up my room alil its a disaster area hello red cross my room needs ur help so after i fianllly get that all done ima do cruanchs cause lord knows my stoamch needs it.

well love ua ll
an di will try to get updated on all ur blogs i will try if i dont im so sorry


  1. Cookies sound amazing... and only 30 cals hmmmm nice job figuring out all of the calories!

    hope you feel better soon!

    And I never understood fractions either..... you're not alone

  2. The cookies look awesome i'm totally making some for the unavoidable christmas lunches.
    feel better
    xx Claude

  3. those cookies look delicious! im so going to try them :)

    sorry you feel sick, and having to work on top of it. just keep truckin' along :) hope you feel better soon tho