Sunday, December 26, 2010


so this is the outfit i wore on christmas

height 5'5 weight 103.8 bmi-17.3
yup those ar emy stats as of yesterdaymorning so im fianlly lsoing weight again yay idk if its from the diet pills or that i just get so sick everytime i eat that i just dont feel like eating much or nething at all i'll explain that later.

so my outfit was a purple sweater dress over leggings with knee high socks and my grey boots :). i had to borrow my sis's leggins that size small ones my mom got me were 2 big and my sis had a pair that were to tight on her and she let me wear them yes im older then her and im smaller then her :)

xmas went good i got stuff that i really liked :)
*boy got my a kindle(which i love) and the 10 disc collection ediotion of my toy story triliogy
*sis got me a grey sweater that has a heart on it and say love in the middle
*bro got me a $20 gift card to barnes and nobles
*parents- 3 sweater dresses, pair of jeans, belt, long sleeeve shirt, pair of pj pants, leggings, high socks
*nano and aunt- some money in a card.

the first stop on our xmas day was to my nano's house we were there for aobut hour and ahlf and i didnt eat nething at all i just had 2 glasses of water we had to deal with him trying to get us to eat cause none of us ate cause we were all going over my uants house later.

after that we went home for like an hour and mi made some mashed potates with soy almond milk

we got to my aunts house a lil after 2 and stayed til 730 this is waht i ate
*maybe 5 cookies(4 cut out one oatmeal)
*2 of my vegan cookies
*few handful of jelly beans
* some ritz crackers
*2 rolls
* and a few bits of my sis's lasgna

yes that is what i ate all day ididnt eat b4 or after so i tihnk that i did pretty good.
i got to play with my 3 lil adorabe cousins that i babysit. the littles one wasnt feeling well and i got thrown up on alot so when i got home i had to change out of my outfit for the nite with the boy. but it was a good day got to c my crazy family and everything.

the onlyt bad part was i was in alot of pain like alot im having alot of stomach issues lately netime i eat nething and i meant nething my sotmach hurts so bad someitmes i throw up sometimes i get bad diaharra and osmetimes im just sitting there in pain like pain and its not fun pain the really bad cramps and just the not wanting to move and i also get alot of the acid coming up my uncle has an idea of what it was. my souisn wasi nt he hopital over the summer and he says im showing almost all the same symptons of him and hes on meds and is on a special diet. the name is werid and long and i cant figure out how to spell it but its like stomach and intestines and stuff once i research it mor ei will let u guys know.

i wanna try and find the diet online for i can start following it and hoping it helps my aunts were telling me about it its like alot of fruit expcet cant have strawberries, black berries, raspberries,pinapple. but i can still have my bing cherries so thats all good at least.

today i had to work it was alil busy int he moring but it slowed down alot and we got to leave alil early
c im in the northeast new jersey and we are currently getting that big snow storm there were talking about different channels say different things some say 6-10 inches others say over 12 inches it all depends on how the tihng moves or sometihng
so my mom took me into work for i didnt have to drive home inthe mess an dmy dad picked me up i was supppose to work 10-630 but they let us out at like 550pm cause the mall wall was just so dead. yeah we slid a couple of times comiing home the havent treated the roads at all yet and knowing my town they will wait til the moring cause the owrse of it is suppose to come thru the nite.

food log for today
*bowl of frosted flakes with soy almond milk
*5 cookies
*can of progresso light soup chicken and italain herbs
*2 lil carmal candy things like bite size just caramel

i haven eaten dinner yet im sill deciding what i want i might just make a box of my v8 soup and just eat that cuase im so cold and im sure iw ill b in pain after but i wanna take another diet pill and i cant take that on an empty stomach

ima look on amazon and search for a skin for my kindle, a case for it, and a screeen potector i need to order all that. and i wanna order the yellow handechief and welcome to the rileys im so excited for them the first one i have been waitng ofr 2 years for it to come out on dvd casue its a indie movie

well love u all hopw ur having a good day

oo and update on me and boy we are ok we had a fight on xmas eve and talked/cried it out but we are ok right now i just gotta prove to him that i care that i love him i gotta make up for all the mistakes that i made. but he says im not the same happy girl nemore an diknow y its cause of my ed its my depression moslty i wasnt the depressed the first 3 years were were together we have been together 7 and half years and i relapsed about 4 years into our relationship and imve been struggling ever since. and my doc is clueless bout everything so i heard that st. johns wart or something like that is good for depression so ima look into getting that. i can deal with my ed its just the horrible depression and no selft esteem and no self confidance aand not dealing withmy emotions that is killing me

*skelton strong- aw thanx hun i though i looked really cute and my outfit for xmas is in this post so u get to c it. thanx hun ij ust really didnt feel like eating like i never fast on purpose i alwasy jsut like fall into it sorta

*s-meery xmas hun and thanx


  1. Cutest outfit! Sooo jealous about the kindle, i've wanted one for ages. You can have all your ED books and classics and not have everyone see and think your weird.
    Hope you feel better soon
    xx Claude

  2. Awesome Christmas outfit! I really like those boots. You should go into a career in fashion; you always put such great outfits together.

    Sorry about your tummy troubles. My sis has similar problems. They were getting worse and worse for year until the doc finally told her she had Crohn's Disease. There's loads of stuff she's not supposed to eat now, as it makes her really ill. She's on these giant blue pills she has to take every time she eats, but they seem to really help her. She gave me some for tummy issues and they work really well, and I don't have Crohn's (as far as I know...). I'll find out what they're called and let you know--maybe they'll help your stomach?


  3. Yeah, I live on Long Island. What part of Jersey are you from?

    & I love your outfit, btw.

  4. Love the outfit. Sweaters with leggings and boots are my favorite thing to wear. They're pretty much universally flattering, and they're pretty damn comfortable, too. Leggings are the bomb.

    About your stomach issues: Do you think you have glucose or lactose intolerance? It's definitely something to look into. I am lactose intolerant, myself.

  5. You look fkn awesome little monster!!!!