Saturday, February 12, 2011


ok so i finally got to do my taxes yesterday asshat of an old boss finally sent me my w2 so me and the boy did my taxtesjust gotta wait for it to b direct depoisted then i can get my hair done

but i figured out i want it yay me

ok so we want this cut

with these colors

let me know what u guys think

o and here the ourfit i wore lastnite i ended up throwing a open front coral sweater on as well i got cold and my weight last nite around 7pm was 104.2

i'll update later on how date nte went and how my day went as well
but opinons please on the hair
love ua ll


  1. That hair cut will look AWESOME on you!! Better post photos when you get it done!

    Love your top in the pic--where'd you get that?!


  2. that hair is going to be too adorable! i love it. the two tone colors compliment each other so well.

  3. I've never seen your face, so I don't know how it will look. But I love the style and combination of colors together =] Very cute, very chic!
    Congrats on being 104! I can't wait to be there

  4. DANI!!! I'm back!!

    congrats on the weight. Im positively dying of jealousy. seriously.

    and the hair is gorgeous. it kind of reminds me of Hayley williams.

    glad your doing so well! xoxoxox