Thursday, February 3, 2011


so my head is just driivng me crazy this week like literaly driving me nuts and it wont shut up and i know y its because i havent been able to get to the gym this week iw as oging to go monday but then i got called into woekd i worked friday and sat and sunday and monday and tuesday and now i have off today and i had off yesterday but did i get to the gym nope i did not u wanna know y cause i live in the northeast and winter sucks. the roads wereent down at all yesterday casue my town is havinga salt shortage so they only do the main roads and mine isnt main road so i wasnt gonna risk my life slding inot seomtihng or have some careless driver slide into me so no gym yesterday adn today yeah i couldnt get out of my spot my car was surrecnede by an ice puddle ugh there is so much snow everywehere that there is no where for it to go or the ice or the rian so my car was stuck so i didnt get out today either ugh

yesterday i did spend an hour outside chipping away at the ice on my car and my moms car yes it took me an hour to clean off off cars ugh i hate ice and then i spent idk mayb 2 hours cleaning my room i tackled my closest first its all organized adn color coded so yay for that and then i did my room al il i tend to clean in spurts so yeah.

i also got an hour of jogging in place yestreday as well so thats some exercise but i really need to get tot hey gym

the good thing about yesterday was my dvd of "welcome to the rileys" came so of course i was all happy about that and i watched it it was so good i def suggest u guys chekcing it out it stars kristen stewart, james gandolfini and melissa leo and hers the summary fromt he back of it just in case u guys havent heard of it im sure most of u havent im into indie moves

" gloden globe winner gandolfini is doug riley a man at the crossrods ever sine the tragic death of hes teenage daughter he has led alife of quiet desperation and not something has to give on a business tip to new orleans he encounters mallory(stewart) a raw angry runaway living a dangerous life as a stripper moved by emotions he barely understands doug abandons his old life to save hers the tenuous balance is threantened when hes life lois(leo) shakes off the fears that have kept her homebound for years now three lost soulds seek hope and forgivness in each other and together the discover a rare gift of connection that feels like family"

so def def check it out its a great moveie the enidng is differen then the script yes i have read the script but i liked the ending that they chose for th movie better then the orignal one its more realistic the way they did it in the movie.

i finshed cleaning up my room today i dusted and cleaned stuff and moved stuff around and thew stuff away i sitll ahve to vaccum yet but im getting a headache so its break time. im moved my books around i have alot of bookd and now books case fo i jsut have stacks everywere. i ahve 4 stacks on the one shelf under my tv then onther 1 on the next shelt. i have 4 more stacks on my other one shelf wehere i keep my vitamins and all that jazz then ih ave 2 stacks on my dresser the stacks on my dresser are teh books that i have yet to read. yes i have an addiction and i know it i also have 2 boks on my kindle that ihave yet to read ha.

i did finish "hunger" on my kindle and that was a good book i recomment tath one as well.
the new kim harrison books come out tomm i belive and i cant afford to get it ugh ih ate my life im working less cause its not xmas and im tyring to pay more thenmy minium payment on my credit cards i have 4 and then u add inmy car payment and my car insurance i am just making ends meet and then i gotta have some monety to by my fruit and bars so yeah i paid my bills yestrerday and i barely have ne money left and the lil i do have left i have to save for the wkd for whenme and the boy go out ijust love my life

my eating has been all over the place i do good during the day adn then ijust totally binge at nite im not gaining weight i keep going between 106-107 but i just hate being above 105 and i need to get back under there and quickly i just have to stop the nite binging if i stoppped at then i would b ok well not ok but i would b at least alil better

i made cookies yesterday as well i mad emy vegan fruit and nut ones again i added a 1/2 tsp vanilla and my nuts i still used 1/4 cup but i did a combo of walnuts and almonds this time and they are very good.

i still have to do my curnches for the day adn ima try and run in palce for an hour again later and ia lso gotta paint my nails i just took off my chipped nailpolish so i jsut gotta repaint them and then prob take soem aspiring causemy head is pounding so bad


that one girl- i know the feeling excpet im not in school nemore but yeah i getcah

mich- i like it alot yeah the did change some things fromt he book but really every movie or tv show that is based on a book does that they ahve to they cant keep it exactly the same i dont think they strayed to much from the book ithink they are doing a really good job yeah the ending was different then waht happened in the book but if u look past that one lil detail its a good show really u guys lost power we didnt and thats a sruprise there cause we alwasy lose power im stuck int he house though sicne my car is stuck int he ice puddle that is my street we really do have to stop binging its getting out of control


  1. sorry about your headache, I hate getting them they always ruin my day:( And sorry about the whole money thing, hopefully it gets better. I saw Welcome to the Riley's yesterday and I looved it! Kristen Stewart is tiny! She's such a good actress to lol.

  2. Feel better. I have chronic migraines myself. I know It must suck. sorry. Stay strong.

  3. I feel the exact same way this week. I have GOT to get to the gym, and this time it's more for my mental health than it is for my physical health. Man. Too much built up frustration!!

  4. you know what you need! De-icer spray. It's like a big spray can and it melts ice instantly. It's dead useful. You get them at like hardware stores and it is sooo worth it especially with all the frickin ice and snow.

    Doesn't re-arranging books just make you feel so good. Like something about picking a new order is just so satisfying. Idk I love it.

  5. Hope you managed to get out of the house. Took me almost an hour to scrape the ice off my car on Tuesday after work. I was hacking at it in the parking lot at work and apparently making too much noise. :/

    Those cookies sound awesome, you should post the recipe.


  6. Feeling any better?

    Stay warm and dry and out of the winter weather!