Sunday, February 20, 2011

quick post

just a rly quick post i have to finish getting ready for my cousins baby shower cause we are leaving really soon
but i wanted to show u guys the shirt that i am wearing i think its really cute it would look even cuter if i wasnt so fat but im wearing the shirt over jeans with my grey boots and they a black open front sweater casue im so cold and my arms are huge
so here is the shirt try to ignore my fat ass body

i will do a real update when i get home or tomm and then i will def get caught up on all ur blogs as well ijust dont have the time right now

love all u guys stay strong
im still sick and mthe girls at work yesterday said i diddnt look good at all and that i looked like i was gonna drop and they want me to take a hole week off but i cant afford that at all


  1. adorable as always!

    looking forward to hearing how your day goes.

    and take a break before you keel over! being thin isn't any good if your dead.

  2. That shirt is awesome! Where did you get it?!?

    Hope you feel better, and have a good time at the baby shower. <3

  3. OMG ur not fat at all, Ur beautiful,
    I hope u njoy the baby shower,
    U deserve it,

    Thank u so much for bein so kind, I might email u if thats ok..
    Love u hun,


  4. aw so cute! i love that color.

    i really hope you start feeling better soon!

    at this point, maybe seeing a doctor is a good idea?

  5. that top is so pretty. and it looks as good on you as it would a model :)
    i think take one day off to rest up and then work the rest. then you have given your body a bit of a chance to get better. xo

  6. That top is so cute! And you are so tiny <3 I don't know what you mean about a 'fat ass body' :(