Friday, February 18, 2011


so i went shoppping iwht my mom today she finally cuaght on to my lung issue and was like u sure u wanna go and all like u should acall ur uncle go to the doc i kept telling her i was fine even though i kept coughing and weezing and all that shit

but the good thing wiht going shopping wiht my mom she buys me some stuff sometimes i think she feels bad cause i had to pay for my own school and ive been buying my own clohtes and food for so long now and they didnt make my bro or sis do that so hmm

well first stop was we went to kohls and she had a 30 percent off coupon so she said she would get me a shirt which i did i got thing cute lil peachy colored shirt with a lil ruffle ima wear it to my cousins baby shower on sunday and then we were looking at the purses cause she wanted a new one and i found this huge cute vera wang bag on sale origanlly $90 on clearnace for $26 so she got it for me and here it is isnt it adorable its huge an di love it

we then went to target she needed a few lil things i gues idk but she got me plastic spoons to go with my lil spastic bowls that i use to eat my cereal out of yes werid i know but we all have our oen lile weird things that we do so whatever and then he bought me 2 boxes of nature valley bars and this bag of already cooked grilled diced of chicken low cal too only like 110 cals per serving so thats good

we had one more stop to make and it was atthe acutal gorcery store i pushed teh cart so i could lean on it at that point i was really tired an dmy lungs were killing me but she got what she wanted and then she got me cantalope, 2 boxes of the cup of soup chicken noodle 50 cals packettes, bag of popcorn,some choc and ice cream(ugh thanx mom for the food that will make me sick) and also 4 bags of frozen green beans,1 bag frozen carrots, and 2 bags of frozen mixed veggies.

i havent been eating many veggiesl ately ive been eating alot of fruit but ima get back tot he veggies cause they are alil cheaper then the fruit and really filling as well.

i dont feel good right now to much dairy andi wanna thrpw up but i dont wanna go downt hat road again cauae once i start down it then i willl keep going down it so i def dont need that

and i cant worko ut cause of how bad my lungs hurt
so ima do seom laundry and clean p my roomt ry to do some crucnhes
drink lots of water adn tea

i will def post th epic of my outfit later when i finally get showered and dressed love u guys

oo and my work is doing the li biggest loser weight lossc ompetion thing and they didnt even tell me about it and its to late to join now cause it already started they didnt tell meugh i so would of done it but i guess theythink im skinny enoguh who the fuck knows


hanrietta- it really is

ash- i love kids so its easy for me i blow up oatmeal and soup

acka11- yeah ur lucky about ur healthcare

mich-yes htye felt much better i even took them outside fora lil yesterday since it was ncie we went for walk

anoyomous-i have a few to many chill out days though but thanx hun

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  1. Love big bags, and that one is gorgeous.
    I'm sure the boy will eat the ice cream, no? ;)

    Love ya doll!