Tuesday, February 15, 2011


so my coworkers think i have walking pheumonia just lovely all i heard all day was r u ok r u sure ur ok u should rest more mayb u shoudl go to the hopstial aw u poor thing yes 6 hours straight tahts all i heard do i really look that bad nope i dont think so
i know that i feel bad that im constalny couhging up a lung when i talk to much, that i get dizzy when im on my feet to long, that my chest just constnaly aches and tmye ribs are always hurting and if i wear to many layers or tight clothes it hurts even more i know tha tmy back ribks r fuckign killing me so yes i do know its my lungs and ugh my heart and its weird fluttering

and to top it all off my fat ass is back up to 106 lbs ew gross ugh i cant believe im back ther ei hate mysel fmy stomach sticks out so much ima look so fat and gross int hat dress i just bought

ayden- thank u hunny so much i relaly have to stop having bad days

a-the week is sucking so far but thanx hun

scared blogger- of course ur worth it

desepreee-i dont c were u get eh teeny tiny fromt he stoamch as been ok manly because ihave been avoiding gluten

mandagin-ih ate feeling weak and not bein gable to work out

sarah- she was a bitch trust me on that


  1. I hope you feel better. Drink lots of fluids and make sure you're getting your vitamins--at least that'll give your immune system a boost. You need to have a lazy day next time you have a day off work. Just lay in bed and watch Law & Order marathons. <3

  2. ha for real you need a sit on your arse and do nothing day. you work so hard!

  3. I agree with Ash! Hope you feel better soon :) x

  4. Hi lovely,
    U are too knind for words, u really are, thank you so muh, PLs take care of urself,

  5. I think maybe u need to rest up for a bit. drink heapsa water and take heapsa vitamins. probs best to go to a doctor and get checked out... we dont want u dying on us. i know its annoying people blabbing on about ur health but we just care about you. take it easy darling and remember you are beautiful. xo