Sunday, February 13, 2011


guess i should update u guys on how the wkd went or well how its going since its still sunday here


as u guys know friday is date nite for me and the boy it went good well it went ok i guess idk we went to red robins and normally we dont have a porblem there the waiters are always good and things dont get messed up but i guess we had bad karma or somethiung that day. they forgot to bring out our appetizer and then they brought out my salad and it had cheese on it i always order it with out th echeese cause as u guys know cheese and me dont get along so the oby had to talk tot he manager and tell him tha ti cant have cheesei m allergic so he made me a new salald and gave us the appetizer and hes beer for free. the mananger also had to talk to our waitress and then she was abitch the rest of the nite itsnot our fault u got in trouble if she did her job right then she woudlnt get in trouble allergies are a big thing and ppl can get really sick or even die from it and then they would get sued so ugh yeah needless to say that nite wasnt to good and she didnt get much of a tip

when we got home we did my taxes well we got my federal done at least we still have to do my state but it was all confusing cause my unemplyment is fucking it all up but we are gonna do that next week and get it all done.

he was all worreid about me though cause i told him that my chest has been hurting isnc last sat and my heart an dmy body hurts adn allthat i was having a lil trouble breathing he kept asking ifi was ok and if i was gonna die im like im not gonna diei m ok i dont want u to worry.

sothat was our firday nite we didnt really do much just hung out


my sis came home for th ewkd yay i missed her we decided to spend some time together sinc ei didnt have to wrk and we went shopping we went to the mall in town i just gotlike 3 lil basic t shirts there were like 6 bucks each so yay for bargain deals and then after we were done with our mall we drove like 25minuts to the lehigh valley mall its a bigger mall then ours alot bigger then ours. we finally got there and it took us fucking forver to find a spot u guys haven o idea i dorve around and around froever liek 10 ormore minutes finally we found one all he way in the back back corner of it and it was cold and windy and it was a hike but i got tired of finding a spot so we just walked in the cold to the mall.

the mall was so busy and so crowded adn my anxiety didnt like that but i just kept tyring to breathe which was hard cause my chest was hurting and i was getting dizzy almost passed out but i didnt i kep tmyself up right and was determiend to find a cute outfit to wear for the boy next week and i did i found it in forver 21 i foudn a cute black dress and this chunky sweater to go oover top of it but here is what the dress looks like yes i was to lazy to get completely undressed and left my jeans on

the sweater is grey a lil chunky and its an open front its so comfy but he dress and teh sweater are both smalls :)

i had to eat something b4 we left the mall sincei had to drive home so we ended up gong to coldstone creamery and i got a small 2 to mango smoothie the board said starting at 110 cals so im guessing it was around there my sis got this cake batter milkshake that tasted really really sweet the smoothie hurtmy stomach alikl but it was the best ting i coudl get there netihng else at the mall would of wrecke dmy stomach

we did hit barnes and nobles b4 we left and she would only let me get one book and she stuck to that cause if it was up to me i would of got like 5 so ijust stood there for awhile tryig to decided on what book to get and i got "halo" by alexandra adornetto i liked the ocver the best so thats how i choose

my eating on sat wasnt great b4 the amll i had 2 bowls of cinnamon chex mix cereal with unsweetend almond milk and seom ofm y gluten free brownies then at the mall i had a smoothie after shopping i wasnt feeling good at all really weakand hurt and tired and run down so i ended up messing up and eating a small slice of pizza and 3 lil chicken bites the boy wnet out last ntie so i didnt c him and he didnt come over after i ended up crasshing out early i kept waking up a few times but i did get some sleep

now i know that my eating hasnt been good at all and that dress willlook way better if i lose some weight this week so ima try to lose some weight
i was gonna go to the gym this mroing and work off my mess up of breakfast( 50c als soup, few cherries, and some brownies) but my body just hurts so ba dmy head is couldy chest is tight ribs hurt like a bitch back hurts nose is stuffy im just such a mess so i didnt get tot he gym today ugh but ima try my hardest no matterhow im feeling to get to the gym tomm.

my sis goes back to school today so i think my mom vonulteered me to go with her and my dad its fine driving up there buton the way back its just me and my dad ugh

well love u all


mich-u know that i will def post pics when i get it done and the top i go it from target th epizza would still b good with out the cheese i think

marsh sarah-thank u hunny

ayden-yeahi dont postmy face much on here but thank u hunny i cant get my chest checked no insureance and no extra money

ash- omfg ur back i missed u so much adn i was wondering how uwere doing howr u? ugh my weight is gross

riahbear- yay for fastinghow is that going for u?

pixie and avy-thanx hunny

anomomyous-thanx hun i will try

superhero- i cant walk everyhere its winter here cold as fuck

scared blogger- love ut oo hun im here if u ever need to talk

undesriable-im sorry about ur blog let mek now if u get it fixed for i can read it again

lorna- u will get there hun


  1. i'm sorry you had a bad-ish weekend, hun =] But at least you look cute in that dress... Yes, even with the jeans =]
    Stay Strong, dear!

  2. Aw sorry to hear about your weekend, but that dress is adorable! & your legs look SO skinny! Stay strong you're doing great. Hope your week goes better for you, xo A

  3. U are so good, thank u so much for ur lovely comment, I wish I felt worthy of something thou,
    Thats so annoying how the waitor messed up ur order but at least they fixed, Im so glad u got to see ur sis,

    Loves, xxXXx

  4. That hairstyle is going to look super cute on you! The dress looks kind of big, maybe it's just the way you're posing, but damn you're teeny tiny! I hope you don't have any tummy aches today!!!

  5. love the sweater it is so cute :)

    you're so teeny tiny you're outfit pictures are always inspiration!

    feel better, don't push yourself if you're feeling weak k?


  6. Cuteee outfit!!
    That waitress sounds like a bitch!! It was totally her fault.