Tuesday, February 22, 2011


ok i got lots and lots of pics for u guyg first set is of my new hair the girl coudlnt do it exaclty like the picture but i like how she did it an dihope u guys like it at all so here are 3 different angles o fmy new hair color and cut

it took like 2 hours to do and i love it i might acutally keep it this way for awhile and u know me i never acutally keep my hair the same for long but im rly like this alot i hop ehte oby likes it as well cause id idnt tell him exaclty how i was gonna do it he just knewi was going to get it done

i made my tomato salasa soup today so gonna have some of that later i even took some up to my aunt and nano i dont go visit them much cause they fucking drive me nuts but i went out for an hour today after my hair appt to visist and to get my bday card that i never got back in january

i went shoppping wiht my mom today as well she wanted to go to kohls and walmart and then she took me to shoperite for i could get a few things

at kohls i found this cute wallet on sale for only 7 bucks c look at it isnt it cute

and then at walmart they had all these lil valentince things on sale so i got a box of mini air heads that came with mini valentines for only 75 cents and then i found teh cutest lil stuffed dog for 75 cents as well its the cutest lil adorable thing ever

by the time we got to shoprite mom noticed i was really dizzy and nasouses i didnt eat this moring so she made me get a bagel there i got the one that i thought would hurt the least which was a veggie bagel it acutally tasted pretty good and yes it hurt but not as mcuh as a wheat bagel would of. while we wre there i got all the ingredients that i needed for my tomato salso soup and afew other things like

*3 mangos
*bag of green apples
*rice cakes salt free
*chex mix choc cereal

all u guys are gonna b happy though my mom talked to my dad about getting me back on the insurance since america has this new rule now were u can b on ur parents until ur 26 so mom gave dad all my info and told him to talk to the gym in charge at work today to get me back on and shocker there my dad acutally listened and they are faxinga ll the stuff over to my insurance place today and theni can go to the docs and get checked my uncle said i need antibotics for my lungs and i need to find out whats going on with all my sotmach issues and then my heart as well cause its been going nuts recently

i also ordered some things from amazon today the new kim harrison book "pale demons" came out today and it was cheaper for me to get it off there instead of driving to the book store to get it so i ordered that and i was gonna get some ed movies as well but amzong didnt have alot and theones the did were lik $100 for some god fucking reason but i did manage to get one ed movie "dying to be thin" also got 2 other books as well another book by kim harrison love her shes my fav auther ever and then the ed book called "biting anorexia" i should have it in 2 days cause it u got the free trial of amazon prime then u get free 2 day shipping no matter waht if u spend $25 or more u get free 5 day shipping buti wanted my stuff sooner so i did the free trial c how it goes

im not to happy with how i ate today i was 106 lbs this moring ew ugh hate that number
but today i had
*veggie bagel
*2 mini chocs
*1 mini donut hole
*1 mini airhead
*few spoons of cookies and cream ice cream

ima try adn do crucnhes now and finally fold my laundry i cant wait til im healthy enough to get to the gym today
well love all u guys somuch


ash-thanx hunny i know its all a mess and its all hard for us ugh

a-thanx hun im trying to get better


  1. oh amazon...i could clear out my bank account buying books there...

  2. I'm in PA, sucks balls. & LOVE the hair! xo A

  3. Your hair is gorgeous!
    I have naturally black hair, so there's not really much I can do with it without killing and/or frying it into oblivion lol.

  4. first LOVE the hair... it looks great
    second that wallet is hella cute
    and third that puppy doll is adorable.. :)

  5. your hair color is SO pretty! love it!
    and i'm so glad you got insurance yaaaaay!
    wish i did lol.
    maybe you can figure out your stomach issues and start feeling better! i hope so!

    and that DOG! OMG ITS SO CUTE!
    hah i looooove stuffed animals.

    thanks for always posting interesting things you buy :) its so fun!

    rock that hair, girl! xoxo

  6. you are such an inspiration, i check in everyday!