Sunday, February 6, 2011


so i lost a pound between yesterday and today idk how i lost a pound in one day but im not complaining an di weight myself twice and got the same number so yay me and u wanna know what is even better is i weighted myself after eating and after drinking and after my workout so idk if im acutally and lower then 105.4 but fuck god do i hope so

my eating is ugh today idk how i feel about it so far i had

*few mini marshmellows
*4 apples slices
*pack of nature valley bars

then i went to the gym ysy for gym first time in a week felt great to go again but it was crowded as fuck and ididnt ge the elly i liked adn i couldt use the locker i alwasy use and i was between 2 guys on elly whihc just made my paranoid but im glad i went i really needed a workout so i did

*65 mins elly around the world hill workout level 6- 461 cals burned
*35 mins bike around the world hill workout level 6- 205 cals burned

which makes a totally of 666 cals burned

after my workout when ifinally got home ans showered i had a peach and some of my dry gluten free cereal im out of almond milk

i hate that i already ate so much today and i can feel the fat just growing on me and ugh its so gross but i took 3 diuretics so that should help and lil and ima do crunches and i stil have teh leftovers from dinner on friday so might heat that up later just for the boy doesnt get mad at me if he findso ut i threw ito ut he wouldnt b happy

idk how i got thru my workout tihs monring cause my chest was bothering me adn my legs were weak and shaky an dijust felt like i was gonna collaspe i thnk thats y i ate more b4 hand idk but i did get thru it and im feeling a lil better not as shaky :)

on another note my circulation is getting worse and worse my feet are constanly falling asleep i cant sit cross legged or nething i either gotta b laying down or if im sitting i gotta hav emy feet flat on the floor or bed or my feet will just instnatly fall asleep idk y it got so bad all of a sudden but it did and its annoying they even feel asleep at the movies last nite i had to keep adjusting my ppostion stupid poor ass circulation ugh

ooo yeah yesterday i ended up work 2-7 and it was boring as all hell and i didknt relaly do much excpet stand around and talk to ppl alot cause there really wasnt nething to do but i was talking to the one manager bout allm y issues well not my ed but my sotomach and what i can eat and what i cant eat and shes like damn girl no wonder ur so small u cant eat nething. she was like shocked when i said that i cant have glutena nd dairy bothers me and that i cant have rice and she laughed when i said prinlges odnt taste good coming back up but shes like gave me idea on how to season my grilled chicken differnlty so i will try those sometimes even though i dont paln on eating that much chiicken i wanna find a protein shake that doesnt have dairy or whey in it and once i do ima cut out the meat except for on friday with the boy cause he said im not me unless im eating chicken cause thats what heknows i alwasy ate so yeah

but neway i got ot c the boy again last nite hes friend and hes girfriend were suppose to go to the moives with us but they back out on us y we dont know but he came over a lil after 8ish and we watched the end of the flyers game and then we went tot he movies we saw the mechanic it was good def worth seeing typical action movie but ididnt suck

my eating yesterday was ok a lil to much junk if u ask me but i skipped lunch yesterday
so b4 work yesterday i ate- af ew peices of cookie and cream choc, grapes, um nectaine i tihnk idk um i atemore b4 work but i dotn rememver its slipping my mind thats not normal
but i skipped lunch cause i worked and then idid have have dinner i just got some popcorn at the movies so ihad half asmall popcorn and then the boy gave me 3 of hes pretzel bites thingys yeah it hurt my stomach but i dealt with it


  1. I have to apologize for not commenting before. You keep me going strong.
    I hate having to eat when I'm forced it makes it all worse.

    ~love me to death~

  2. Nice on burning 666 cals. That's diabolical. :D

    I hate when someone uses my locker!! It's disorienting.

    Sucks about the bad circulation. I hate that. I had it bad to begin with, and now I can hardly ever feel my hands or feet.

    I didn't know they were making movies for the Hunger Games. That's so exciting!


  3. Great outake - totally impressive.
    Bad circulation sucks! My fingers get so cold sometimes!

  4. Great job burining 666cals hun :D
    I get bad cirulation too ): My hands are always freeeezing and tingly!
    Stay strong hun xx

  5. i hate it when your feet fall asleep. its started traveling up to my thighs. i hope your circulation gets better. because everyone looks stupid when they try to walk on an asleep foot!