Saturday, February 5, 2011


so theres my outift that i wore last nite on date nite. i have been absolutly freezing alot lately and wheni got dressed i was even colder so yeah hence all the layers i got on a long sleeve shirt under my grey long sleeve sweater dress then i got the coral open front sweater on over top then i got black leggins on with knee high socks and my grey high boots.
the leggins were alil big well yeah they were big sorta baggy and i had to roll the wast down alot to get them to fit but i made it work i think.

i weighed myself after work yesterday i got a hot shower wheni got home b4 i got dressed in the outfit and the scale said 106.4 and it also said 106.4 this morning both times i have eater and drank b4 hand so i should b alil lower then that i hope

well something weird happened at dinner last nite idk if u guys will think its weird of ifim just like extermely paranoid well i know i am paranoid but idk ifim being more paranoid then normal u know whati mean

well we deicded to try this new restrarant that opened up well its not in towni ts lik 25mins away but yeah thats nomral for us small town not many places to eat and since i live rightont he border of pa and nj we go into pa alot but neway we went to longhorn steak house last nite. and we were sitting there waiting for out talbe like swingining my egs around cause u know me i cant sit still and this other couple walks in the girl islike skinnish def noticed her she had a lil stomach but neway they ended up sitting across from us and she kept like looking over at me and staring idk y. and she was like on her phone the hole time she was with this guy an di noticed that she didnt eat nething well like one fry and lik half her drink but thats all so idk if she has an ed or what cause the boy didnt say nething at all when she wasnt eating so idk what was up with that i just found it werid that she kept like staring at me like she was trying to figure something out idk what she was trying to figure out i wish i knew but like i alwasy look aorund when im eating cause im paranoid and i think ppl are judging me and i noticed her looking at me alot. i have ahabit of sitting curled up in my seat alot so yeah i was sititng cross legged and stuff but idk y she was staring at me so much and its really bugging me

and of coruse i was eatin gi was witht he boy i eat with him i make him happy and i eat with him at one point i was having dessert yes i get dessert with him what can i say im powerless when it comes to apple pie and idk how but we were talking bout jersey shore and we both hate it andn he was saying how snookie looks like an ompa lompa and we started singing the song yes we are werid and i looked up and she was getting up and staring like right at me and at the dessert so idk ugh im so confused and paranoid and idk what to think

but date nite was good last nite we had a good time and we were happy my stomach hurt like a bitch was they had this bread honey wheat and he tried and amd eme try it hes like trust me its worth the pain so i had 2 lil peices with butter and it was worth the pain but by the time we got home it hurt to stand straight but the bread was good. then he got cheese fries for appetizer had bacon and jalapones on iti ddint want the bacon i dont eat bacon so he said to just brush it off and i was trying to get the fries with not alot of cheese on them and i would eat a lil jalapones with each bite i liked the spicness of it i was gonna get a salad but he said we were at a new place so i should try the chicken i got the citrus grilled chicken and it comes with one side and a salad so i got a mixed green salad with balasmic vingar and seasonal veggies plain. the salad was a sside salad i only ate like a lil less then half of it cause i asked fo rdressing on the side but they put it on top neway ugh and then i had 6 bites of chicken and some of my veggies i took the chicken home and my veggies and the rest of boys veggies as well gonna eat those later for dinner. my dessert was caramle apple goldrush its pretty much like a mini apple pie broken up with ice cream in the middle its suppose to b drizzled with caramel but i got it with out caramel not a big caramel person so she put strawberry drizzle on it it was huge and im ashmashed to say that i did it most of it ugh hate myself for that ugh.

b4 dinner i did good restricting thru out the day though i had an apple a peach and lil choc and thats it so proud of myself for that at least

today im nnot doing to well i already had a peach a lil choc and some of my vegan cookies im adcited to those cookies (and mich im pretty sure the recipe in on my recipe page if is not let me know and i will post it on here for u)

i have to work today from 2-7 but its an icy mess out here and im kindin ghoping they will call and say they dont need me but yeah it prob wont happen but i have off tomm and i hope that the weathe is good casue i really need to get to the gym like really really if i get there tomm ima try and do a 2 hour cardip workout lord knows i need it.

we had decided to go to a broadway show in april we are gonna take a bus up and go c wicked so i def need to lose weight b4 that im hoping double digits 95 lbs would b amazing but first i gotta get out of this stupid binging phase that im in

ok im off ot get caught up on all ur blogs that i have missed sicne my last update


rosesrred12-i know she really is and she nautrally that tiny u can so tell from the movie the mirror scene lucky and shes an amzing actress love her

riahbear-thanx hun it seems like ive been getting headaches like once a day or once every other day lately

skeleton strong- yes yes thats what i need my head needs it to clear it all out

undesirabel number 1- welll ihave deice wind shield washer fluid but there was so much ice on my car that there was no way thati could get the wipers to work it was at least an inch of ice prob more o i now what u mean i know my books

mich-yea i got out of the house yesterday but not wed or thur ugh i had to hhack the ice off too it was the only way to get it off

desepree- well im my nomral somtach issue self or so u could say


  1. kinda sounds like she might be struggling with some eating issues. She probably saw you, and thought "dang that girl is Skinny!" (cause you are!!) at least those are the thoughts that go through my head sometimes. I see people that are tiny and cute and I am always interested to see what they do/what they are eating to get that way. Some people can literally eat whatever they want and stay smallish but it's kind of reassuring to see that other cute and small girls have to work at it like we all do as well :)

    ps. cute outfit!!

  2. She was probably staring at how tiny you are! And how fabulous your outfit was. All the same, that's kind of rude, her staring you down like that while you're trying to eat.


  3. i just love your outfits. you are so cute when you layer!