Tuesday, February 8, 2011


104.8 yesterday morning and 104.8 this morning so i really am 104.8 it wasnt a fluke the scale wasnt lying to me i feel so much better being under 105 u have no idea how much it killed me to b above 105 i hate being above that number so much ijust hope that the scale keeps going down and down and down i really want those double digits again

downside of being under 105 is my chest pains are back and they arent just like sporiadic or nething they are alwasy there soemthings they are more painful then others and soemtimes its just this constant dull ache that is just there all day long which is not a fun thing at all . my heart has been funny as well pounding really fast in my ears and then slowing down to like 56 bpm an di can feel when it slows down yes u might think that is weird but i can feel it. my ribs just ache so much in the fornt and the back its prob just my lungs though that are acutally aching cause i do have toruble breathing at times. and theni just got the weak and tired and shkay feeling an dmy legs are alwasy contantly aching but the good thing about all those tings is it means that im doing tihngs right and the weight is coming off and my body is fighting me about the weight loss nemore lets hope it keeps not fighting me cause i really dont want to get stuck at a weight again.

i went today to the transbridge office and got our bus tickets and paid for our show tickets to the wicked show in april an di got lucky ineeded 4 tickets cause its me and the boy and then hes friend and hes gf taht are going and the lady was like u got lucky there are 4 seats left on the bus so i got the last 4 seats spent way to much money but it will so b worth it i cant wait to c the show i know that i will prob have a panic attack being in nyc with all the ppl and everything but i will just like cling to the boy and hope that that helps subside the panic that will b rising in me. so now that we ahve teh tickets i gotta get to double digits by then we are going april 2 so it gives me a lil less then 2months to lose it i wanna look fragile and broken when we go there cause of course hey its new york gotta look great there.

yesterday i worked 11-6pm had chest pains the hole damn time and it was so lsow bu they didnt send me home early they sent other ppl home early so i had to stay the hole time but whatever i didnt do much but i just found out that chewing gum is agains company policy i haven been there since decemeber we cant have water on the floor with us like at th eregister we cant have botlle with us so we can only drink on our breaks whihc makes me extremely dehyrated buthe gum helps and now i find out i cant chew it the manager told me that im like im sorry id idnt know no1 told me hes like well we usually look past it as long as ur not blowing bubbles so ima keep chewing it i cant go 4 hours witho ut water or gum cause we usually dotn get a break til the 4 hour mark.

im supppose to work tomm but i got some1 to ocver my shift for me my mom txted me and said that we had my lil cousins on wed instead of thurs so ifi wanted to switch my schedule around i could so i found some1 hwo was willing to work my wednesday shift yayf ort hat its just i'll b losing out on those hours i told herif she wanted me to take as hift next week for her to just let me know so tomm instead of working im spenidng the day with my lil munchins i need to c them we didnt have them last week cause of the weather so its been 2 weeks and ijust need to c them and paly with them and just b with them so that is what im doing tomm.

my mom took me to the transbridge off today and then we went to target i wanted to get the new kim harrison book but then i realized i got my weeks mixed up its not out yet not til feb 22nd but i think i might jsut order ir off of amazon i can get it off of there cheaper and then get free shipping as well if i spend $25 and u kow me and books that wont b hard at all. so at target i got 2 boxs of caffeien free tea(1 green tea and the other tazo passion), 3 pack of mint choc chip dessert gum, pair of leggings and bad me a bag of the hersehy drops cookies and cream. and mom was acutally nice since i only had like 4 bucks in my account she bought it for me and said that next time i go to the stor ei can just pick something up for her and it would b even then

unf orutannly i did eat the hole bag of the drops already yeah i know i suck but those dont hurt my stomach to bad just a lil but not like pain pain and plus it stopped the chest pains for a lil while as well even though they are back

but i did manage to make it to the gym today i got a good workout in did

*65 mins elly around the world hill workout level 6- 451 cals burned
*35mins elly cascades hill workout level 5- 258 cals burned
*35mins bike level 6- 211 cals burned

so thats a toally off 920 cals burned today :) hopeuflly that took care of teh bag of candy i ate

so food log so far
*bag of hersehy drops cookies and cream
*few bites of brownie
* cup of 50 cal chicken noodle soup

i'll prob have some fruit and soup later im so cold so so so so so cold im tired of always being so cold

so driving to the gym my wrench light came on an dit was only on for like 2 mins but then it went off and it didnt come on on the way home either so i got my manusal out and iw ill figure out what it means but if neone knows let me know please

pretty little liars was amzing last nite an di cant wait for tonite igot me some new one tree hill, teenmom 2, and my life as liz :)
o and i finshed thirst number 1 while i was at the gym def gonna start the 2nd one soon as well
and im reading a bunch of fanfics as well im constanly reading osmething
i gotta do my curnches yet i didnt do them yesterday cause i just hurt to much to even think about it


dying to be pretty- dont apologize hun and im forced to eat all the time so ur not alone theres stay storng and im here if u ever wanna talk

mich-yes they are making a movie they are currently casting i believe i cant wait for it god i just cant wait cause the books are just pso good and i got to use my locker today so yay for that yeah ih ave neough problem eatin as it is and then i got some1 starting at me ew

sarah-yeah my fingers fall alseep as well annpying

skinny_el- welcome back hun missed u while u were gone

undesirablenumber 1-yes i alwasy walk funny when my feet are asleep is ur blog still being funny? ha thanx hun :) i love my layers

frozen beautiful- the funny thing is i just eat with my boy i eat a good mean with him cause it makes him happy and i guess ppl would think im just naturally like thing then when they c me out ha


  1. little kids just make everything so much better =]
    Be careful with the chest pains, hun. That doesn't sound good. Congrats on getting down below 105! I can't wait til I'm there =]
    Woot Wo0t =D
    Keep up the good work!

  2. so totally happy for you that you're under 105!

    so i'm a fucktard basically and I tried to change my blogs url and did it wrong and basically no one can see it and that sucks.

  3. Well done on getting under 105 again... I can't wait for the day when double digits are even on the horizon!

    I love Wicked! Lucky girl :-) x x

  4. I hope you feel better and lol god you have no idea how much I would love to be your size. I'm 110.