Thursday, February 10, 2011

recipes recipes recipes plus mini update

i got recipes for u lovely ppl hope that u like

mini pizzas(wheat free and dairy free)

*2 pepito corn tortillas- 90 cals( yes 2 of them are 90 cals)
*1/4 cup pizza sauce- 40 cals
*1/4 cup vegan mozzarella flavor cheese- 70
*8 sandwhich stackers sweet bell peppers- 20 cals

directions( imadem ine in micorwave oven)

*lay 2 corn tortillas on a tray covered in foil
*split up the pizza sauce between the 2 spread around
*split up the cheese between the 2 as well
* put 4 sweet bell peppers on each pizza
* i set the oven on 350 degrees and just cookied it til the edges were a lil brown

total cals-220 cals


soy yougrt based wrap spread

now this recipe i got from a panini sandwhich but sincei cant eat bread ijust reworked the spread and ima use it on corn tortillas wraps


* 6 ounces non dairy or soy yogurt ne flavor u would like- 160 cals
* 2 tablesppones agave nectar- 120 cals
*1/4 tsp vanilla estract

*just mix it all together in a bowl and there u go
u can use it as a spread for a panini or a wrap or just about nething

1 tbsp= 100ish cals


chocolate truffle brownies gluten and wheat free

*box of choc truffle gluten free mix(its in the gluten free section on grocery store)- 1800 cals
*1 cup vanilla soy non dairy yogurt- 200 cals
*2 egg whites(used egg beaters)- 60 cals
*1/3 cup slivered almonds- 164 cals
*1 tbsp vanilla extract- 12 cals

*preheat over to 350 degrees
*pour the brownie mix in a bowl
*add cup of non dairy yogurt
*add 1 tbsp vanilla extract
* mix together until moistened
*beat 2 egg whties utnil stiff
*fold egg whites into mixture
*also fold in the nuts
*cook in oven for 35 minutes it might take a lil longer mine tok around 40 mins give or take
*let them cool compltetly
*then freeze then for one hour
*cut and enjpy they can also b frozen and unthawed

the box says 16 servings but i cut mine into 25 smaller pieces it bought the cals down for each brownie that way

total cals for 1 brownie if cut into 25's= 89.44

picture pre cut

im ok well im pretty much the same a i have been i did manage to get some more sleep last nite at least note to self take diet pill earlier in day so ur heart is calmer when u try to sleep

yes i know i shoudlnt take diet pills with my heart already being a mess and the chest pains that i have had since saturday but i just cant help it and osme of u guys understand that i need them even if they dont work i feel better after i take one like calmer yeah i know im addcited sue me if u want and im also addicted to diuretcis as well hey at least i can admit it

im up a few ounces from yesterday but i did have the kids yesterday adn when ihave them i eat more then i should and i know that but i just get so tired when im with them and they life to share their food and iwuld donething for them so yes i eat more then i should i freak out and all that but its all worth it for those 3 adorable like kids that i love so much most of the food i shoudlnt of eaten cause it was bad for my sotmach but when ur watching 3 kids 4 yrs and under u just grab the quickest thing u can find and u just go from there.

my chest is still bothering me alot i think im just starting to get use to it cause its like second nature o chest pains ok nuttin new there and my ribs front and back are killing me so idk if itsmy ribs or if its my lungs that acutally hurt and my heart well my heart is the same as its alwasy been bother ing me going high then dropping low and i get head cloudiness and nasouses and all that stuff but itsjust part of it an di just have to deal with that

my legs arent as acky but they are weak so ive been trying to drink alot more fluids so that is helping me alot

today ih ad to take my car into the dealership cause my transmission light came on but wen tback off so they wanted to c it i dorv emy car up an dmom followed me after i explained the directions to her amillion times she had to bring me back home since i wasleaving my car there til it was done. they called like 3 hours later so my bro drov eme back up and i go tmy car they said it was just a cmputer update they had to do they checked everything and said my transmission should b fine according to them and ford so lets hope so

my mom took me ot the grocery store so i could get soemthings

butn eway at the stor ei got
*corn tortillas
*chex mix cinnamon cereal(its gluten free)
*almond milk
*bunch of bananas
*bag of green apples
*vegan shredded cheese
*sandwhich toppers sweet bell peppers
*4 constainer soy vegan g;uten free yogurts(they arelike 160 cals each but i cant eat nomral yogurt)
* 2 mangos
*3 peaches
*3 nectarines
*box of the gluten free browni mix choc truffle
*agave necotr raspberry
*egg whties

um i htink thats all
no gym for me cause o fmy chest and then ihad no car
bu ti love all u guys u are all the best


  1. i walk everywhere ;-)
    i guess i'm just old fashioned.

  2. That chocolate truffle thingy looked yummy =]
    I'm sorry your chest hurts, hun. Maybe you should get it looked at. Just to make sure that it isn't actually your heart.
    I love little kids =] they're funny.
    Stay strong, hun.

  3. Looks good. lol Wish I could eat it. But I'm fasting. god I want food now :(

  4. Omg yum! thank you for sharing!!!

  5. I understand about the diet pills. It's like a comfort thing. I'm still knocking back ephedrine every day before the gym, but I don't think it even does anything anymore. :/

    Those recipes are great! I can't wait to try the pizzas--only for me they'll just be like some sauce and mixed veggies on the bread, and no cheese (vegan or otherwise). :D


  6. the recipes look so good! and I'm sorry about the chest pain :( take care of yourself x