Monday, June 27, 2011


have u everjust wanted to hit ur head against a wall just cuase the voices are to loud and to annoying an du just want them and the racing thoughts to just shut up for like 2 seconds and give u a braek let me b in my own head for once just me not all of u yeah thats how i have been feeling lately i wanna hit my head again a wall and make everything just shut the fuck up and leave me alone

but nway just a quick post cause i have to finish getting ready to leave to meet the boy at the car dealership we are looking into trading my 2009 focus in for the new 2012 focuses omg they are so nice went and test drove one the other day damn its nice i hope it all works out but if it doesnt then it just wasnt meant to b

been to the gym already today butn 471 cals yay me my stomach isnt liking me i ate soem bads tuff yesterday so yeah my bowels are letting meknow that i shodlnt do that gotta take more pepto to make it thru the rest of the day gotts love IBS not really

saw bad teacher last nite it was betting then i thought it was gonna b i though it was gonna suck but it was ok almost good not great but lots of swearing

this is what i wore out


  1. You look fabulous, as always!! I love those trousers.

    Sometimes I want to bash my head against a wall. Mostly I want to bash other people's heads against a wall.

    Good luck with car shopping!


  2. I hope you get the new car. I always love the outfits you post :)