Tuesday, June 21, 2011

comment replies

*bones- thanx hun its ok he has a week off next week so iwill get to see him alot more then my lil cousin just makes everything better she alwasy has an dim feeling alil better i take alot of tums and stuff but it helps. ha yeah dotn eat the hole batch right away that wodlnt b good at all. i know i cant beleive how much progrss i have made with it in such a short time i just dont care nemore ppl can think what they want

*shrinking violet- thanx hun i realy like that shirt its comfy but flowy and cute

*fat bastard- no offense but stfu u think its just that easy that u can say eat and wow im cured fuck no its not thateasy and eating disorder is a complicated painful loney disease that just doesnt revolve around food there are so many other factors

*ivy-thank u hunny

*needlesedge- thanx M

*sarah- thanx hun

*amy marie ordehi- im glad that u enjoy reading it

*kat not jas- nope no doctor for me i dont like doctors i havne thad good experince with them but im dealing

*pixiestix14- than xhunny im trying ots so hard though i cant just tellmyself its ok to eat cuase its never ok the good thing about nail polish is u can wear ne color u want and its not permanent just try painingt ur nails ne color u wantim sure it iwll look great i jsut cant say no to that lil girl she owns me and she just knows it

*amalie- imw orkingon feeling better finguringout what dulls the pain

*helen- than xhun i gotta get out of this binge cycle its not fun at all

*mich-nope def not the only one who mixes cereal i do ita ll the time i alwasy have pplmake fun of me for it i need to get out of ths cycle im still stuck in it i hate binging ha im so feeding ur shopping addciiton that i snot a good thing at all

*just jessica- thanx hun unforutanlly ikinda broke it when i washed itim sure i can fix it somehow though

*gianni- no i wasnt braless i had on this rube elastic strapless brathingy idk its my sisters i just borrowed it

*brittney-yeah i really dont hid emy scars nemore cause no one ever says nething so if they dont care theni dont care my cousin has been much better lately and hasnt broke nmy heart since we do have out lil dani munchin time justme and her and it helps

*coffeexandxcigrattes- thanx hun

*lou- thanx hun im glad u alwasy like the outifts i try to loook cute once a week lol

*lilah lee- u can look good too u just have to work at it exercise is ur best friend

*americaneagle- have to keep that smile on her li face it sjust not right if shes not smiling u know what ive been ugh ive taken alot of diet pills and i swear they really dont work butim addcited i need to take sometihng the only thing that i know worls are like cleanses but the normal diet pills never really worked for me but yet i still take them

*displayed-wow sorry blogger was being such an asshat to u thats not right but iknow u are alwasy ther for me regardless and yes ive been rocking my scars alot lately and ppl just never say nething so i guess they just dont care or are too scared to say nething idk

*aly- yeah i havent gotten ne updates of u still posting on my dashboard idk thats weird caus ei love readint ur blogs

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  1. Thanks for your comments (:
    Smoking gets me through a lot when I'm dieting.
    Good for you for quitting though!
    That's an amazing accomplishment that I can't do haha