Friday, June 17, 2011


can some1 please make the pain stop already i cant deal with it its getting to much ive been nasoues since friday yes iv ebeen naoseus for a week straigth soemdays are better then others and then are just so bad i wanna curl up in a ball and just die i hate being nausouses i really do

and then bring on the pain my sternum feels like its being ripped out of my chest its achey and it hurts they it spreads like across my boobs and ribs thats not constant it comes and goes thank god

but the back pain is constant and its so bad right between mt shoulder blads and it goes down my spine til its like halfway down i cant sti or stand or walk or bend or nethng with otu being in pain its bad i can barely sleep from it idk what it is i just started a coule days go i have goteen it b4 but never this bad and it never alst this long

i had to work wednesday and it was so bad the mor ei was on my feet the worse it got and the more naosues i go tidk how i made it thru the day i babysat yesterday i have off today an di wanted to go to gym but idk if ima make it but then i work 10-6 sat adn 11-630 sunday idk how ima do it

has neone else had this pain b4 do u knwo what it is> is it serious?
i really cant do nething and theny sotmach hurts as well and the acid is constanly coming up can i just give up on everything already

o side note my cousins birthday is today shes turning 5 so her mom let me borrow her booster seat yesterday and we had a lil dani munchin time i took her into old navy yesi wen tinto work onmy day off but i let her pick out ann outfit and let me tell u she did it all herself its so cute so she got a prink princsess sleeping beauty shirt and the this blue ruffle skirt and this blure print cami sort drest ihng she looks adorable it it and she picked out a stuffed animla as well adn she picked out one for each of her brothrs cause gotta get thems ometihng too.
i then let her ride one of the rides we shared a pretzel and a drink she wanted to get pictures doen in the pictures booth but i didnt have neough money and i felt so bad and it only took dollors and it was $3 and i only had 2 and then a 5 ugh y coudltn it have taken then 5 damnit


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry. That sounds awful! :( Have you gone to the doctor? I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Stay strong! I hope you feel better after a while <3

  3. I really hope you feel better! And I'm glad you had such a great time with your cousin :)