Saturday, June 25, 2011

love and thank u e

i just had to do a quick post for my friend E love her shes ones o fmy ana friends but shes not just that shes an acutal friend and if i had friends in real life(aka my town) like her i woudlnt b as miserable as i am everday. but she treid to cheer me up by sending me a package which i told her she didnt have too but of coruse she didnt listen thats y i love u E and she sent it neway even with an extra which i didnt know about but she sent me 2 things of my fav bath and body works lotion twilight woods and sleep body mist suppose to help u sleep and since i dont sleep she thought it would help. i love u e thank u so much for dealing with me and putting up with me my ups and downs and everything in between u really did brighten my day up a lil cause really its not going good at all but thank u so much for it i love u crazy

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  1. What a fun package! You've inspired me to get something together for you! I have a great gluten-free, vegan brownie recipe that is to die for. You could freeze them and just eat them at your leisure, no pressure and no tummy aches! When I get back from California, I'm on it :)