Saturday, June 11, 2011

pictures(outfit hair nails)

i have pics for u the outfit that i wore last nite and also a back view of the shirt just cause o loved the bacl a pic of how i wore my hair i was hot an di coudlnt figure out what to do with it then i finally painted my nails

my stomach hasnt been my frirnd all wekk its all my fault i ate bad stuff next week will b way better from that the nasouesness has just gotten to much but it will b better i know it will i felt so sick when we ere out o dinner he kept asking me i fi was ok and im lik ei will sruvive its to late for me to throw up neway its been to long he didnt say nething to the comment though. and he usually asked me what i ate that day instead he went did u eat today? idk where that came from im not that small but ok

also go tmy car back yay im so happy to have it back i nearly got ran over by a bus on the way home though see this one road is nazareth merges into one lane from 2 and it was rush hour since i didnt get up there til nearly 6 an di guess i just wasnted payign attention and bam b4 i know it the bus si coming at me and the road is runnign out and my heart is beating even faster so i speed up really quick and got in front of him it was scary though but im alvie yay me

so my scars were out at work yesterday and it wasnt on purpose i never know how to dress for wrk sometimes its freezing others its hot so i compromised i wore shorts witha lonf slece shirt and a thin strapped shirt over top the one manager saw me and just yelled shes lik eno no i cant loook at u its not funny u cant wear that u will die u have to change go buy a tank and put that under ur other shirt then u will b fine. c i work at old navy theres not really a dress code but u know use ur own mind and she was right it was really hot but i didnt have my bracelets on underneath my shirt so when i changed they were just all out and seen. i was nervous at first but then i just forgot about it cause no1 said nethin gor mentioned it or nething idk if they wqill ask when they c me again but they didnt say nething yesterday at least

ok its all rainy and i wanna go tot he gym just cause my sotmach is huge im fat and gross and just ew but at he same time i dotn wanna c neone i dont have to work today for once im alwasy working on saturdasy and all i wanna do is just hide in my room all day away from teh world so idk what to do i will think about it c what my mind decides u know

ok pic times

outfit(strappy silvery sandals, grey skinny jeans, tank top)

back of said tank top(its my fav i need to get more of them got it at kohls)

hair( it was hot and i wanted to show off back of shirt so i endedup just doing 2 sorta lose braids up top then pulled it up in pony tail)

lastly nail color(its red with sparkles)


  1. love that top its lush! Jxxx

  2. That top is adorable! Are you able to go bra-less?!?! BITCH! lol j/k ;)

  3. Oh wow that is a really hot shirt. You look FABULOUS!!

    Your friday outfit posts always make me want to go shopping!!


  4. I really LOVE the shirt very cute! N I know how u feel with the scars showing at work once I. Was in p.e an my p.e teacher was freaking out because I wore a long sleeve under the p.e shirt n she told me to take it off that it was the school color n I would die if I wore it so I went in the bathroom to change n ended up coming back in tears but no one asked anything or said anything about it they usualy don't though. But I hope you decide what to do (: stay strong n be safe xo brittney

  5. Agree^
    I love the nails!! I WISH I could wear a color like that and look good in it!!
    you are beautiful!

  6. you wear the cutest clothes, your nails look good!

  7. I so admire your courage in leaving your arms bare! So much progress in such a short time :)

    Also, I adore that top... bit jealous!

  8. super cute :)
    Wish I could look as good as you do in clothes..
    then again, I'm eating a flippin roll right now.. lol

    Have an awesome week :)