Monday, June 27, 2011

happy happy news

i am now a proud owner of a 2012 ford focus even thoughi dont have it in my possession right now :) something finally worked out for me something finally went right wow i though everything was just going to downward spiral and just keeping going down and down but today yay.

c right now i have a 2009 ford focus wich yes i bought that new 2 years ago as well but we traded that one in cause really it just wasnt running right we didnt know if it was going to b possibble cause i cant afford more then what im paying now and that car is much nicer then mine and has way more features but after one failed attempt at a diffrent dealer we went back tot he one were we orignally bought mine and we had the same sale person which was nice and it went good and smoothly and the boy knows tehfinance guy as well we were there like hour hour and half at most they didnt have ne on the lot so they ahd to find one for me but they did and it was different pacakges on it which makes it even alil more expensive but the fiance guy said i can still do the same payments i am making now thank god but i should have it my wed or thursday they are thinking but its so pretty u have no i dea its sterling grey black interior its just ugh so nice i cant beleive it so yeah i was all sad cause we couldnt go on vacation and we still cant cause i cant take off of work but i got a brand new car :)

heres the link to my car it wont let me save the pic but theres teh link just change teh clolr to sterling grey and yay

o and heres teh outfit i wore there and am wearing today


  1. Your car is great. I Love it.
    I'm jeaolus (:
    You look very nice.
    Keep going.
    Stay Strong My Dear,

  2. Huzzah for things working out as they should! I am so glad for you. You look lovely, too. xx

  3. Love the car jealous :D and the dress its really cute too :) and I know you said you wish you had someone to talk to if you ever wanted to you could text me hears the numb. 1(812)821-5352 I know I may not help since I am pro ana and all but I don't judge and I know its nice to get things off your chest sometimes things that you can't tell family and such but if not thats chill to have a good week :)

  4. Thats great uv gotten a car lovely,
    Love you hun, Have missed you,
    I really like your shoes, You look lovely,

    Love Ais

  5. Haha I want your car! Btw you look super tiny! :)

  6. Ooo nice car, congrats!!

    I love your top. I wish I could wear yellow. It's such a nice bright summer colour, but it clashes with my hair. :/

  7. ...I might be going on a Delaware Water Gap adventure this weekend if you're interested! Hiking, canoeing, and just having the craic in general. And of course a fat free, all vegetable picnic lunch.