Wednesday, June 8, 2011


ok so i had my doctors appts 2day yes i said appts ihad 2 seperate ones today and surpisingly they went good adn thats saying something sinceme docs never seem to get alone and alwasy argue and butt heads cause i feel like they juts never listen to a word a say it goes in one ear out the other and they dont help me neway just criticize and tell me im doing things wrong when im doing things the way they told me to the last time i was there yeah so i was anxious going in my heart was crazy and i was ready for a fight but u know what it didnt come and i was so happy for that

my first appt was at 9am for my general doctor i butt heads with him the most this check up was to go over the blood work i had down for my cholestrol an di was excpeting him to yell at me telling me i did something wrong again but he came in smiling he said do u want the good news or the bad news first im like surprise me so hes like i will the good news is there is no bad news and im just staring at him with this wtf are u talking about face on then go wait that never happens it turned out my cholestrol went down alot and the one wen t down to much so i have to back off the meds a lil it was shcoked i have the numbers hwere i will type them out he was very happy so now instead of taking my simvastatin everyday i take one pill every other day or if thats to hard to remember i can do 1/2 pill everyday i mon the lowest dosagle 10mg so u guys not have to worry about the fda warning thing he asked about the side effect cause he was scared about those but i didnt get the muslce pain im just constantly nasoues and thats to b expected on them and then he asked how i was doing sicne he know smy stomach is a mess and i said im still having alot of problems with it he cant do neting else for me since the tests and ultrasounds came back clear so he said my best bet would to c a specialist. my uncle is going to help me find a good one hes a paramedic and like the best uncle ever so he said once i find a list of specialist that take my insurance he will help me find the best one and go with me as well yay for that. they didnt weigh me i think they have just given up on that front so whatver. and my blood pressure at that appt was 122/72. i go back in 4 motnhs but hes not gonna b there so i asked teh recepetonist lady if i should find a new one she acutally said that they have some1 who is going to b replacing him and he was a doc at St. Lukes so yeah ims stay there and try him out cuase st lukes is a good palce and if he worked there then he has to b good. o he also listend to my heart and lungs he does that every time i go since im alwasy sick hes use to my racin gheart and jut ignores that now but my heart even though racing is fun no missed beats or nething and my lungs despite having trouble breathing somtimes are clear. so score 1 point to me for that doc visit i was so happy i calle dmy mom after and said he didnt yell at me trust me when i say thats a first so yay that went good

here are the numbers
*total cholestrol- 192- was 258
*triglycerides-105- was 61
*hdl cholestrol-80- was 91
*ldl cholestrol-91- was 155
*glucose-85- was 114

here are the other numbers they are either low or borderline low but my doc doesnt care about those some of them are on the higher side

*bun/creatinine ratio-5
*sodium serum-141
*potassium serum-4.1
*chloride serum- 105
*carbpn dixode total-22
*ca;cium serum-9.6
*protein total serum-7.1
*albumin serum-4.4
*globulin total-2.7
*bilirubin total-0.4
*alkaline phosphatase s-58

ok 2nd appt was at 12:30pm at planned parenthood i use them as my gyno since i never acutally ever have insurancea nd theya re cheaper and i was expecting to be there for awhle sicne i alwasy am but i wasnt for once. i declined the std test cause raelly i dont need it the only persont hat i have slept with in the past 8 years is my boyfriend so no need for that. they did pap adn normal exam my pap was abnomral last year so lets hope its ok this year it was a quick visit the doc was cold and short and like clipped talking like ok there. i wasnted to swtich pills casue my cramps have gotten worse and it got heavier and it doesnt come on that tuesday like nomral it comes newhere from tues to fri and the nurse says that is nomral that if the pill is owrking i should stick to it. the doc asked me about switchiing and im like well the nurse said ti wouldnt b a good idea so she said that if ur getting cramps u should switch so she swtiched me to "modicon" i was on ortho cyclen and she said the modicon is like the one i was on different hormones though. my blood pressure there was 138/88 yeah so it went up mine changes alot i cant help it i really cant they didnt weigh me there either just asked so i sadi 105 im 103.8 naked i weighed dressed today and it said 105 so i went with 105 no lecture from them either on that i swear they have all given up on me. the nurses kept calling me kiddo yes i know ive been going there since i was 18 and its all the same nurses they know me but kiddo really im 25. but neway i tried to use insurance and the nurse said if i do that it would b more expensive the insurance company would charge me $38 a pack whwere pph is only charging me $17 so yeah just wnet with that. i got a eyars worth cause really the less ting si have to do the better i only have to go there once a year now cost me $214 yeah so im officaly broke my card is nearly amxed im stressed but its done withat least

i have heard of modicon has neone or has neone been onit or know some1 who is i would love to here about ti idid some research and its suppose to b diesgined toh elp with heavy periods cramps and pmdd so i hope it works out for me u know

i spent the other parts of my day palying with my lil couisns we had them today and we have them tomm as well i got them each a lil shirt from work the middle one put hes on right away but dman as soon as i walked int he door after my frist appt it was all dani dani dani dani dani like for 5 minutes straight everyone was calling me and i was like going crazy my head coudlnt take it but it calmed doewn and i got to paly with them until my 2nd appt then i came back and played with them after as well they are somthing let me tell u crazy and too smart for their own goods but i love them regardless the 4 yr old painted my nails she did a pretty good job i will leav eit the way she did it til she leaves tomm then redo it. the 8 month old is walking well walking a lil then falling then standng back up adn doing it again is so cute though and we had him laughing up a storm today it was the most precious thing ever adn then teh 18 month olf well he just never sits sill alwasy going and alwasy laughgin love them so much and i have off of work tomm so gonna play with them all day :)

so update on the car they called meyesterday saying it was a cracked head gasket that thye ordered a part and thy found aloaner car for me and i could pick it up at 1 now i had to b at work at 2 adn my car dealership is in nazareth so i was really pushing it i did make it in time barely though but i know if i called and said i was gonna b late they would understand my car is a 2009 ford focus barley 15,000 miles on it they said they should have it by like friday for me my rental is 2011 ford fusion i so fell in love with it its black on black its a lil bigger then my car but fuck moms like r u gonnatrade ur car in now im lik eno i cant afford it but damn i like the car i dont have to pay for the loaner ijust have to make sure the tank is full when i bring it back i better not have to pay for the loaner i bought my car brand new the head gasket should not have broken already

so heres my food long for today
*harvest veggie meldy-180
*carpi sun-60
*2 gerkin pickles-0
*fries-200 ish not sure
*piece of marable italin cake-?

also wnet to kohls today just cause had 30 percent off i swear im done spending money after this mom said shes even buy me some fruit next week tanx for being nice for once but i got a pair of workout shoes, 3 pairs of size 0 shorts, a small top then at work i got an xs dress here are the pics

o and one last thing my mom goes today do the docs ever say enthing cause ur so tiny uve been underweight ur hole lif eim like no ma they dont care they dotn even weigh me nemore


  1. I love that dress! And that's really awesome about your numbers at the doctor today. It must have been nice to not have to butt heads with him this time!!

  2. ooh those shoes!
    You always get the cutest stuff, I love your style.
    Happy your levels seems to be better, ugh everything is so friken expensive nowadays.
    Blech car troubles, hate that.
    I'm glad you're doin better, can't wait to see where u gonna wear that outfit to.

  3. Ur blog is just so beyond have to deserve some kind of blogger award <3

    You are brilliant hun and I am so glad to see that you take your docs apps so seriously?

    What's planned parenthood for?

    I bet playing with your lil coousins was fun,

    Love you loads,


    P.s. Thank you

  4. I'm glad you had unexpectedly positive doctor experiences, and your new clothes are great!

  5. I'm so glad you are getting your blood work numbers under control and the meds knocked back :)

  6. Glad your doctor visits went well. Especially after all you've said about your doc... ;)

    Those sneakers are hot! And all the clothes are really nice too. I must go on a spree at Kohl's soon...

    Yeah your car definitely shouldn't be having those kind of probs with only 15,000ish miles on it. Don't take any crap from the mechanics! :D