Friday, August 12, 2011


so i went to barnes and nobles today even though i shoudlnt of but i did i was having a bad mental week and i needed the pick me up and trust me book sotres can do that i could spend hours and hours in there and there are so many books i want so so so many but i walked out with 5 new ones

*the gluten free bible- new cook book yay
*the black swan the impact of the highly improbable- nassim nicholas taleb
*fragile- lisa unger
*not my daughter- barbara delinksy
*passion- lauren kate

i really ahve to update my books page iwill get to that evenutally when idk cause i have so many new books to add to it i have an addiction i know

while at the mall also got a bracelet for charlotte ruse

it wa sa crazy day today i didnt go tot hegym cause i though me and my sis were gonna leave earlier to go on our adventure but we didnt we left at 1pm so at first we took the bout 25 min or so drive to Washington to the inspection station for i can get eh PA stickers off and the 1 new jersey one put on its not hard to get thru but i hate driving thru that town its a cute lil town but busy as fuck especailly the main road which i needed but we got that done and went back on to route 57 whcih lead uss to 22 and the tollbridge whichi had to borrow a dollar from sis cuase i didnt have cash and then back on 22 were we almost get runn over my a fucking truck he kept switching back and forth between lanes it was nuts c this is y i hate going into PA cause trucks can b in left lane there they cant here in jersey but neway i spent some time trying to not get run over by the truck but thank god he finally got off and me and my sis coiuld realx ugh mother fucker but we took 22 to whitehall and the lehigh valley mall at that point we were in the the car for over an hour between the both about 30 mins to station then from statin to mall another 40ish and of course the mall is bigger and bigger so its hard to find parking c thats y i like my lil mall u can park easily adn i mean easily cause half the sotres in the fucking place are closed but whatever. we fianlly do get a parking spot and we hit barnes and nobles first of course have to hit that i got my 5 books and she got the harry potter stuff she wanted yes i still have to read those books itsont eh list i know that but yeah but then we go to the starbucks in the barnes and nobles cause i have gift cards and we dont have one by us but yeah after she makes out drinks find out that its not an acutal starbucks but the sell and make everything starbucks does so fuck me had to use my deibt card fo drinks which i really dont have the extra money for but neway i got a venti tazo passion iced tea lemonade unsweetened and sis got strwberry banana smoothie. we just walk aroudn the mall for alil its 2 stores whick we arent use to got stpes are tiring but hey exercise is execise right but we went into a few stores looked around wanting to buy stuff but didnt we were good :) go us we did break down in charlotte ruse though i got the bracelet and she got earrings is was 2 for $8 so yeah. that was our day left at one got to left inpection station 135pm at the mall 210-215is then home a lil after 4ish mayb 430pm not sure but we got stuff down and it got me out of the house it was nice but i hate ppl so many damn ppl and ppl cant drive either i damit im prob not the best driving in the world but ive been driving sicnei was 17 im 25 now no accidents only hit a curb onces damn snow and only been pulle dover once got out of it but fuck ppl liek drive liek ur nt driving to kill everyone else ont he road already ugh ok rant over

o and yeah im even biggger klutz its getting worse spiilled tea on me twice today, spilled coco puffs ont he floor and wacked my already banged up knee yup im in good shape ugh


  1. I love you bracelet :) as for the books haven't read any of those but my lil sister says the passion series is good she just bought the newest last night, Yeah I hate people who suck at driving to thats why I don't care to get my license xD have a good weekend!

  2. Gah! I know exactly what you're talking about with Barnes and Noble... I went there the past two days in a row and spent about 100$ each time... It's a curse, and a blessing lol.
    Speaking of horrible drivers, We were out the other day, and we saw this guy in a truck swerving on and off the road and in and out of his lane... I wanted to see him hit something, but he never did. lucky bastard lol.
    Keep up the good work, love =]

  3. Im glad you got new books, new books always help me, I love reading so much,
    Its great how you went shopping with your sis for the day, Its really nice that ye get on,
    Some ppl are such wreakless drivers it makes the roads so much more dangerous,
    Lovveee you,

  4. I love Barnes & Nobles also! When I was younger, I spent two hours reading Through the Looking Glass there, and felt guilty about not buying it haha. There's nothing quite as good as lying in bed against some fluffy pillows with a good book and a whole day ahead of you. <3 I hope you enjoy reading them! Bad or drunk drivers terrify me, I cried when I read a newspaper story about a groom killed by a drunk driver on his way to his wedding. I'm glad you're safe! A store that sells Starbucks, but isn't Starbucks? That's interesting, I wonder if their prices are lower? I used to love the chocolate frappachino sigh. I hope you have a lovely day and that your knee recovers!