Wednesday, August 24, 2011


i give up i give up i just give up whats teh point nemore of trying of going to all thiese docs of having all these test if i know that nuttin is gonna show up neway cause nttin ever does i feel like shit every day my health isnt good but nuttin ever shows the chest pains are there not everyday but they get so bad at times i nearly puke but u now what my stress test today came back clear it was a min test how can they tell from a 2 min test everything i read on line said u do it til u cant nemore nope not my doc 2 mins done nutti happen ur fine but i still dont feel fine echo test is tuesday but uncle says that since stress test is clear that prob will b too

i should jsut accept that fact that no matter what im alwasy gonna b in pain and thers nuttin i can do about it

i will update more when my head is more clear mayb onsat when i have off of work and iw ill check out ur updates as well


  1. Oh God Dani, Thats awful :( Its not fair, You shouldnt have to be in pain all the time :( And you wont have to be, they will have to figure out whats wrong,
    Keep pushing them
    Don't take no for an answer, they are trained professionals, they have to keep going till they find out,

  2. don't give up, push til you get an answer...advocate for yourself. if you need someone to help you make sure you ask cuz sometimes it's nice to have someone you trust by your side listening, monitoring and helping you get what you need. you deserve answers but unfortunately that comes with multiple testing. keep up the fight!!!

  3. I have chest pain a lot, too. Mine is from GERD. you should look into it and get prilosec. Hope you feel better!