Friday, August 5, 2011

no food in 12 hours....

and im still a fat ass gross disguisitng huge elephant an di have to eat today cuase im working 8 hours on my feet so i f i dont iwill surely pass out and i dont need that recovery sucks being forced into it is even harder and teh funny thing is i know i need the help i know it but i have a life and ajob and im 25 i spent way to long gettingmyselfwere i am now and i cant just drop everything to go to hospital ugh

more pics took this morning im still gross


  1. you look great dear I'm super jealous :) sorry things have been going bad just keep your head high and eat a lil something if you feel like your gonna pass out have a good weekend

  2. You are by no means gross. I'm worried about you, though. You should probably get something small in your system if you're feeling weak. I get what you mean about not wanting to drop everything and go to hospital. That's the main thing that's kept me from it over the years. I've always got something bigger going on. But hang in there, and stay strong! xx

  3. Dani Please stop :(
    Stop being so hard on urself

    You are beautiful
    and amazing friend
    a strong character
    you weigh x
    thats as much as it matters love,

  4. Dani! You look beautiful as always. Stay strong girl! I love you!!!

  5. You are NOT gross, NOT AT ALL!!! You are beautiful. And I mean it, dead serious. I hope that you have a lovely day, stay safe. <3

  6. you're not gross maybe the mass you feel comes from skin not fat because I don't see any jelly rolls on you