Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i spent a good portion of my day today just trying to keep myself upright to keep myself from falling down and to keep me vertical it was hard

idk what was wrong but i felt like i was just gonna pass out most of the day and ht elil bit i can handle its when u start getting really dizzy and ur heart goes nuts and ur shakign so bad that i cant handle and that badness happened 3 times 2day twice at work and once at walmart while i was standing in line

i felt lik ei was gonna do down most of the day but htat was jsut general weakness i can handle im usually pretty weak and exhasuted i can handle that just cause i think my body isuse to it but when that bad ones come those are scary

i tried to wait it out but at one point i had to go to the backa nd have a lil choc just to help a lil and also drank more water

idk y im so out o fit lately im eating way to much way more then im comfrotable with and i ahte it i hate ita ll make it all stop please


  1. Love you Dani,
    Please be careful,

  2. Hope you're doing a little better today. <3 Those fainting spells (or almost-fainting spells...) really stink. :(

    Have you tried smelling salts? I think you can get them in CVS. I keep them in my purse and in the car. Kind of like an electric shock straight to the brain, but it helps in emergencies.