Thursday, August 18, 2011

doctor appt

sorry but im freaking out right now i went to gastro doctor today and jsut is how it went first and for most they are scared about my heart

i have to go c a cardiologist cause of my heart palpitations and chest pain and dizziness and fainting. cause of my blood pressure an dmy pulse rate the look the doc and nurses were giving me was just wow. im just so scared he wants a stress test ekg like a hole clearance all of it we spent more time talking about my heart then nething else

but i have to call them tomm the nurse tried to call for me but the office was closed so i have to call tomm but i just talked to my uncle and he doenst trust the guy at all that they want me to go to so he told me to go to some1 else like i hope thats ok with the doctor and everything my uncle is a paramedic and i trust him with my life so i will go with the guy that he suggest

imjsut scred right now u know my uncle is gonna go with me wheni get it done and the boy is just like get it done as soon as possible

what if there is something wrong im so scared

its like no1 could believe the nurse at the desk when the other nurse told her looked at me and said ur dani but ur only 25 wow ur young its like they are really scared for me and i guess its not nomral for young ppl to have heart issues.

hes not really concerend with my stomach that much he ordered alot of blood work : basic metabolic panel, cbc w/ diff, hepatic function panel, amylase, lipase, free t4, and tsh and slway 2 different stoll samples and test as well.

he wants to do a scope but he cant do that until i have my heart cleared.


  1. It might not be "normal," but I know a couple people our age with heart issues. They can't do too much strenuous activity, but for the most part they can keep it in check with meds and the right diet, and they live pretty normally.

    I hope everything goes ok with the doctors! <3 Keeping my fingers crossed for u. xoxo

  2. I hope everything works out for you! xxx