Thursday, August 4, 2011

please tell me my weight

i dont have my scale nemore and im freaking out i need to know my weight i just need it i got my scale take way awell as my tape measure pills and razors so i have pics i took them today its after a day of eating since its nearly 8pm now an di just took them but please please please b brutuallly honest with me i know i need to do major damage control

o and if neone wants to talk u can email me here that is also my msn as well so add if u wanna

front view

side views

and if neone was wondering and wont b grossed out this is the chunk i took outo f my knee earlier


  1. Your abs look so defined! I'm totaly jealous of your body, you look great. I'm not sure how tall you are but I'll guess 108-110. I'm short(5'4") so that probably skews my guess if you are taller and you do look like you have a bit if muscle

  2. Dani, your stomach looks very nice!
    Love the tatoo.
    You look like 110 maybe.
    Keep going.
    Stay strong.

  3. You look like 48 kilos .. I don´t know how many is lbs..?.. 105?

    You´re very nice.

  4. you look like you could br 105lbs, loving your abs. keep going your looking great.

  5. um, between 100 and 105lbs at a guess. ur tattoo is epic! :D xx

  6. 100-105lbs? You look so toned! I want your abs...

    ^^ I do that to my wrists and ankles and feet all the time, I have "chunks" out from using my nail clippers as a self-harm tool, when my mum takes my razors...

  7. You're abs are amazing. How long did it take for you to get them to that point? You've gotta be about 100. maybe 1 lb+ or 1 lb- Honestly. Stay strong and you'll get through this. I've had everything taken away from me too, a few weeks ago, but it all got better and look at me now, I'm happy. :)
    I dug through the trash to get my laxatives back (ew, i know right?) But I was that desperate. And my purging bottles were thrown out too, didn't bother getting them back because I got more.
    A secret I learned was to take a string, piece of yarn per say, and lay it next to the measuring tape. Mark the measures on the strong with a black sharpie? And use different colors to know what you're at and what you're trying to get down to. Just remember the markings or write them down so you don't forget. It really works for me. :)
    But again, stay strong. You're beautiful, so beautiful, & thin. Ever so thin! Times may be hard but it can only get better. We're all here to support you darling. ♥
    Much looove. I'm always always here for you.

  8. Oh dear, sorry for the paragaph! ^ haha ;)

  9. Your abs are amazing, I wish I could take them and put them on my stomach. God that sounded creepy, it's not meant to be though! If you go to a gym, maybe you could weigh yourself there. Or make a deal with your boyfriend, like maybe you could eat a little more, like an apple, and he could give your scale back. I hope everything is going well.