Saturday, August 27, 2011


i have so many of ur blogs to catch up on im sorry i will get to that evneutally when i have time but thisis my work/life scheudle for the next week

*8/29-philly zoo as long as the hurricane doesnt fuck things up
*8/30-echo(ultrasound of my heart) 11:45am

all my bloodwokr is come back in the nomral range she was gonna say just nomral but then she changed hermind and said nomral range so idk if my numbers are a lil funky but in the range so they cant do nething about it. my stool sample came back clear of blood and my stress test came back clear so i have to call and schedule my egd- scope of the stomach and stuff. there is stomething worng but nuttin is showing up u know how hard it is to b in this much pain to b dizzy all the time and do me told nuttin is wrong i drank 4 cups of powerade 0 yesterday cause i was so dizzy and im eatign a shit ton of shaltim not suppose to have salt at all and its not good to drink that much powerade but im do dizzy and it hlep and th elonger im on my feet the worse i get buti dont have a choice i have to work

my head is a completel and total disaster but this is me took pics laying donw flat just laying the same 3 slightly diffrent angles im gross sorry guys to subject u to this

the boy is on vacation this week so i get to c him everday but he told me no to ruin hes week cause he just wants to spend it with me so i have to some how get m head in control an dmy moods stablizabed god y is everything so hard?


  1. You're not gross and I love your tattoo. :) Everyone seems to have such cute tattoos.

    I'd hate to have my blood work and everything come back normal when it is obvious there is something wrong.

  2. Omg! You look amazing! And I love your tattoo! Is it new? xx

  3. Are you serious???You look fantastic girl!

  4. You are frigging skinny!!!

    I'm sorry about all the stress with the docs and tests and everything. I hope they find what's causing the pain--at least then if they can find it and treat it, it will have been worth it. Hang in there. <3