Thursday, August 4, 2011


i think im like unintentionally hurting myself now i dont have my razors nemore soi cant do that but i think that my head is so lost an dim so confused that i dont even realize what im doing nemore that im not paying enough attention in everyday life to function so i keep hurting myself and idk evenknow it

on monday i wacke dmy elbow hard at work on a drawer a fucking drawer that has been there the nearly year that i have worked there but what do i do i wakced it so hard i got a shooting pain going up it tears in my eyes and its stilll alil sore now

and then i have bruises all over my leg just cause i keep walking into my bed uthink i woudl know my bed is htere sicne its been in the same spot for years but nope i keep walking into it the bruises just never go away

and then today my stupid ass took a chunk outof my leg iw as drying off after my shower like i alawys do i put my leg up on the counter dry it off then take it down and repeat yeah well app i wasnt paying attention or idk lost in my head once again but i guess i didnt move my leg enough cause i hit it hard on the corner u coudl c my skin on the edge and now i have a huge chunk misssing an di have to clip ogg the extra hanging skin and im limping alil causei thinki knocked my knee cap out a lil damnit and thats my good leg too

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  1. AAAAHHHHHH NOOOO I've gouged out bits of myself on corners, too!!! Those are the worst, 'cause they take ages to stop bleeding. At least for me they do...

    Were you always accident-prone? I'm constantly walking into things, burning myself, cutting myself, falling over my own feet, falling on stairs, having accidents with everyday appliances.....

    Hope all your injuries feel better. <3 <3