Monday, August 29, 2011


so thats the outfit that i wore on satruday nite out with the boy we just went to dinner b4 the storm got to bad we went to red robin and it was dead se got our food so quickly it was nuts but neway yes back to the strom the hurricane that wasnt as bad for use as it was predicated to me. my room was a mees cause the roof leaks it wasl eaking and u just heard water like gushing in like a waterfall at one point. i move dmy luandry basket in front of my closet door my computer was well. i moved my books that are on that one self(i have books all over my room) but i moved those off and under my bed i put a garbage bag over my self and over the food bin andu know what it was all we tand my phone managed to get soaked as well i had it sittin go my fridge were it leaks isnt even right overmy fridge but yeah my phonw got soaked it and was plugged it so the battery is like shot at the moment. for the longest time it woudnt work at all it was so wet i put the battery in rice i blow dried the batter i got my phone all dry and it still woudlnt turnon i was freaking out cause i cant afford to by a new cell atm and i was gonna lose all my numbers and my pics but evenutally after playing iwht it mand squeezing it igotit to turn on and as the day went on i got it to work more and more at first the frist screen woudlnt work at all (i have an env touch) and the inseide was flickering and stuff but evneutally it all started to work well almost it turns itself off randomly and my end button doesnt work and afew keys onthe inside of my keyborad dont ligth up but hey it works thats all that matter right now

so back tot he strom my town is still in a state of emergecny cause of the delaware river and i had to work yesterday we were all hoping that we didnt ahve to but nope my mall opened illegallyand we had to come in to work and i was getting so tired of answering the phone just for ppl to ask if we were open i wanted to say nope im just answering the phone for the hell of it i get that alotof places are out of power i get that but y even come out in it yeah the rain was down but it was still windy as fuck outside the lights were flickering at work and i got yelled at by a cusotmer as well trying to tell me about a sale that weh ad that we didnt acutally have i was like so close to losing it 7 years in retail u learn to deal with ppl like that but my manager said i handle that well so yeah

we dont ahve much damamge in my town a few trees down a few wires down some ppl without power and a few sinkholes that are bad skinholes and a bunch of roads were closed but ithink they are open today they were cloesd yesterday so had to tak ea different way to work and from work and some of the ppl that lived in pa had to take a diffferent way home cause they sloced cemetery curve on 22 both ways

but neway me and the boy were suppsoe to go to philly today to the zoo but we arent nemore philly is amess an we dont know what roads are closed or open so we just arent going i love the zoo but we dont know if we can even get ther eu know the river flooded there and its right by the zoo so yeah o well


  1. Oh wow. Thats sucks about ur room leaking and messing up your phone. At least its kinda working anyay for your books not getting ruined!

  2. Your outfit looks fabulous, as always. <3

    I love how we can be in the middle of a hurricane, and a state of emergency, and yet the mall still open. Only in and around New Jersey...