Tuesday, August 30, 2011


so we went out to dinner last nite me the boy and hes one friend well out friend we went to tgi fridays cause i alwasy have coupons for that place since we have the stripes reward card and i tried i really did try to eat but it just wasnt working at all my acid reflux was so bad like so bad and u know how when it gets bad u can hear it at one point im just like i cant do it i cant eat nemore and he was fine with it but ihad one chicken nacho 1 and 1/2 grilled chicken stipes and few bites of my pasta thats it i had the bruschetta chicken pasta if u saw my plate it looked like i didnt eat nething and i didnt even take it home with me ijust coudlnt do iti eat fo rhim im trying to get better i really am but i just coudlnt do it the acid was coming up so much and the food was trying to ocme up as well and it was loud and gross an di have a sore throat today from all the acid coming up and no i wasnt throwing up if u guys know or suffer from acid reflux u know how much it sucks im on 40 mg of nexium a day and its not helping at all idk what to do nemore u know

i have my echocardiogram today at 11:45am and i still have to call and schedule my egd my scope of my stomach

its all so hard i c the boy and the hurt in him and hes like theres something wrong there has to b and the docs have to find it if they dont ima call them and give them apiece of my mind hes dad and bro both died of heart attacks unexpected sudden heart attacks they saw docs all kinds of docs and they never found nething kept saying everything was clear that they were fine and then bam they arent here nemore and i dont want that to happen to me he doesnt want that to happen so eyah i need answers and i need ppl to stop telling me im fine that that cant help me

and im tiredof the skinny comments i knwo ppl woudl love them but trust me they are annoying after awhile i got like 3 this morning all b4 730am just what i want in the morning i was downstairs talkign to my sis cause shes going back to colllege today(she was suppsoe to move in saturday but due tot he hurricane they coudlnt move in til today) so neway i was done half laying half sitting on the couch and idk what she saw but shes like dani ur too skinny and thenmy mom goes u want some of my fat and im like um n o shes like well u coudl use some of it and then my sis was talking bout how she was talkign to her friend yesterday her friends baby shower is the end of september and my sis told her not to worry bout food for me i will jsut bring my own and her friends like damn i forgot she cant eat nething well we are havin ga veggie plate ijust want ppl to stop already im tyring i really am but havign all these stoamch issues on top of it its not a piece of cake or a walk in the park it makes everything harder

well i shoudl go shower b4 my test
heres my outfit from last nite what dou guys think? too skinny not skinny enough i cant c myself clearly and idk my weight scale got taken away a while ago


  1. stick in there you can do it you will get better :)

  2. You look great! I hope the acid reflux gives you a break... that can be hellish

  3. My tummy issues aren't nearly as bad as your, but TGIF's give me awful heartburn from the second I take that first bite. I guess it's the oil they're using, or something. It's on my list of places I can never eat.... I hope your tummy feels better. <3

    Hope the test goes ok!

    Love the outfit--you look amazing. I can never wear horizontal stripes as they make me look like a whale, but you look super tiny. xoxo

  4. hope the test works out. thinking of you.

  5. You look gorgeous as always hun. I'm right there supporting you. You are strong.