Tuesday, August 16, 2011


question for u guys it has been going thru my head for awhile now an di want to knwo how u guys think

do u guys think that weight has nething to do with ur health in ur ed? like do u think underweightppl are more likely to b sicker say then over weight or nomral weight ppl do u think that the over weight ppl can fast longer with out ne side effects and do u think that they should b allowed to fast and do things and then tell say an underweigth person not to do the same thing they are doing?

im just wondering cause ive been getting alot of shit cause im underweight my weight has nuttint o do with my health i have been underweight my hole life yes my health sucks i knw tat i accept that an di know its causeo f my ed buti feel like no matter what ur weight or what stage of ur ed u are in beginng middle or been doing it for years ur health can go at ne time no matter what it coudl go qucily ori t could take a while to go or mayb it will never go but i would never tell some1 not to fast and then go and do it mysel fthat is just hypricatal if u ask me if u tell some1 its not safe and then go do it urself ur lieing if thatmakes ne sense to neone? i just wanna know ur thoughts how u feel about ed's do u think some1 cant have one just cause of their weight? do u think its fair that hospitals and ppl only take say anorexia seriously if the said person is dangerouly underweight? dou think the criteria for being diagnosed with ne ed needs to be changed or is it fine the way it is?


  1. I know from the research and classes that I've taken, being underweight and overweight puts people at risk for health concerns. Overweight people have the physical capabilities to fast longer simply because they have a larger reserve of ffat cells to supply their body with as long as they are staying hydrated.
    They "public" is more alarmed by underweight people because being large is more common than small. I really don't think it's fair that they will only take the dangerously underweight people at the hospitals but that is usually because insurance companies won't pay out unless they meet the exact diagnosis criteria. It has halted me from getting help. The last time I tried to seek hospitalization, since I was 96lbs my BMI was at 17.0 but they didn't think it was dangerous enough. I felt like I had to either get sicker to receive help or try to fix myself on my own.
    Sorry for the long explanations!

  2. Like CE said, being underweight or overweight can negatively affect your health. Like overweight people are more at risk for stuff like diabetes or heart problems, and underweight people tend to have weaker immune systems and catch bugs and flus more easily.

    The ED throws all that out the window, though. People like us, who have been trashing our bodies for so many years with the ed can probably be at risk for all sorts of health problems regardless of our weight. :/

    I think the criteria does need to change, but it's so hard to say where exactly we need to draw that line.


  3. I have a hard time with this, as well. Our unhealthy habits occur in those who are overweight, too, but no one notices or cares. We're the ones who get crap for it.

  4. I think that underweight people with EDs are more likely to be sick, but this is not always the case.

    The less nutrition and water you are getting, though, the less your body is able to ward of colds, etc. Our immune system can only stay strong if it has the necessary minerals and vitamins.

    So if a person is underweight BECAUSE she isn't getting enough nutrition, then yes, I would say she is more likely to get sick.

    However, the person who lives in the underweight body is the only person who really knows how "sick" she is. (Okay, so maybe a doctor could know, too.) But outside people should have no say over what an underweight person does with her food. Just because you weigh less doesn't mean you should lose your rights to do as you please (unless perhaps you are in treatment).

    But fasting can be a spiritual exercise. It doesn't just have to be about losing weight. And besides, there are healthy ways to fast, such as taking one's vitamin every day up until the fasting days (some experts say that taking a vitamin while fasting can slow down the cleansing process of the fast, if that's what you're going for) and staying very hydrated.

    I also agree that your weight doesn't directly correlate to your health. Although, let's be honest, if you weighed 40 pounds, you would probably admit that your weight had everything to do with your health. But if you are naturally underweight and just happen to also be eating poorly, then . . . that's different.

    I think that you should only be judged by doctors as having an eating disorder if your blood sugar levels are bad or maybe you are deficient in vitamins or iron, etc. I guess the problem is is that it's much harder/a lengthier process to take someone's blood and test it than to stick them on the scale and judge them real quick, especially if the patient doesn't realize what's going on.

  5. Well I definitely got a lot more colds and viruses when I was overweight but that was because of my diet. When I started losing weight I got really conscious about getting all my vits and supplements in everyday. I now get a cold maybe once a year although I do have joint pains and stomach problems but according to my specialists they have nothing to do with weightloss and my mia. I only ever had a low urate level which apparantly is common in people who are underweight(even though I'm not) but my dr said it was nothing to worry about. I would say multivits and calcium are most important to take, I've always been scared of those osteoporosis stories. I actually take a range of vits as I'm vain about having shiny hair and clear skin, best thing is that I only really need a liquid breakfast because my vits fill me up :)

  6. I agree with CE. Overweight people simply have more nutrients stored in their bodies, and that's what allows them to fast longer. Underweight people have little or no fat stores, and therefore, cannot sustain their bodies needs as long.
    I say just fuck those people. They don't know what theyre talking about. They may also be jealous, trying to get you to stay the same weight while they fast and lose. I'm competitive, so I know that method firsthand.
    Just hang in there, love!

  7. I have a problem where I have never been overweight in my life or even at risk of being yet since everyone in my family is they give me shit even if I miss one meal. They think I am to skinny just because they are bigger than me which isn't fair

  8. and also I agree on the underweight bit, know one takes my ed seriously since I'm not severely underweight my mom doesn't even think I have an eating disorder because I have brought my weight up to normal, but I still puke every day, they really only help the people who are about to die because of being underweight, everyone else has to suffer.